‘Gameboy’ dropped last week, and we couldn’t be more grateful. This nerdy dubstep tune is exactly what we need to get us through the week. Zetta and Dead Critic have got to collab more often! This dubstep track is as heavy as it is melodic, and we love that ‘Gameboy’ twist. We need more retro gaming dubstep!

The melody that builds up instantly fills us with a sense of nostalgia, incorporating a variety of sounds that remind us of the good old days playing Pokémon on our Gameboys on long car rides or at school recess. The pitched up sounds dispersed throughout what is otherwise a rather heavy melody grab our attention, and the buildup to the first drop has us at the edge of our seat. There’s an energy and a flow to this one that has us completely enthralled!

The first drop is absolute madness, picking up the tempo while still maintaining that nostalgic melody. We love the bass that comes in to play, and the speed works really well. The rapid drum gets our heart beating, only to destroy us again with that really wonky bass. Definitely has us headbanging along!

The track goes almost silent as the third minute approaches, giving us a chance to collect ourselves before things pick up again. That twinkling, videogame-y melody picks back up slowly, adding each layer distinctively before building up again for another insane drop. There’s some distorted growling in the background just before that sample which adds a slightly spooky element, and once again the bass hits hard!

The chanting that develops makes us eager to hear it dropped live – this is exactly the kind of tune we go mad for at shows! Zetta and Dead Critic have created a certain thrilling suspense here, reminiscent of battling that final boss in our favourite games, and just as fulfilling. We love nerding out to this one, but even if you were never lucky enough to own a Gameboy, we know you’ll love this song all the same! Out now for free download.

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