Zakii brings the wonky trap with ‘Everything is Everything’.

Being a brand new producer isn’t easy, especially when you’re at that crucial networking stage and trying to push your tunes out there. We instantly recognised the hard effort being put in by Zakii and loved the flavour he is bringing to the Trap genre.

Coming all the way from Hollywood, California, ‘Everything is Everything’ is a quirky and cool Trap track that makes us want to flop our arms around like we’ve lost the ability to use them whilst getting up close in our friends faces.

The track starts off with a strong melody that is both bright and lively, and the pitched up vocals add a quirky element. Despite the simplicity of the lyrics, it still ends up being oddly catchy. Sunny and light, this is the summer trap tune we never knew existed. There’s such an addictive quality about this one that demands several listens, and a sense of whimsy that we just love!

The drop leads in on those distorted vocals, and continues with slightly glitchy vibes throughout. The way Zakii plays off the silence too is really captivating. Parts of the song remind us a bit of Snails’ signature vomitstep sound, but with a twist. There’s some underwater vibes coming off of the drop, too, and it ends up being chaotic in the best way possible.

The melody is strong throughout the track, and has a really ethereal quality to it. Paired with those fairy-like vocals that resurface, and you get a pretty magical feel. Even with the heavy drops, Zakii maintains that dainty atmosphere throughout, and we find it really charming. Definitely a really well-rounded track, the name ‘Everything is Everything’ sure is fitting!

We can imagine this one going down well in those big festival sets and even in those close and sweaty intimate sets. The reason we like this so much? It stands out from the crowd, we can feel the personality of the person making it bleeding through every part of it.

‘Everything is Everything’ is part of his upcoming EP that is rolling out this month.

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