Ganja White Night have just released a VIP edit for ‘Wobble Masters’ and it’s everything we could have hoped for

All Good Records have just released Freshly Baked Volume 1, a collection of 10 tracks chosen by producer GRiZ. Hot off that release is the VIP for ‘Wobble Master’, a hip-hop infused dubstep tune full of vibrant energy. It’s no wonder this track earned one of ten exclusive spots on GRiZ’s favourites! You may remember seeing the name Ganja White Night when we covered The Greys’ ‘Notions of Emotions’ LP earlier this year as the group were involved with a few tracks off the album.

The duo, with influences at the root of bass music, are known for their unique hybrid sounds, breaking free of easy categorization. Having just released their fifth album, Ganja White Night have covered a wide variety of sounds over their career, and have expanded creatively with the introduction of new visuals, courtesy of Ebola – Delit2fuite. Ganja White Night are always pushing the boundaries with their music, and this VIP edit of ‘Wobble Master’ is no different.

Opening with some immediately groovy, hip-hop infused vibes, we’re moving from the second we hit play. There’s a cinematic quality to the tune as well, a certain intensity that demands your full attention. The drop hits intensely with really deep bass, but still manages to maintain that groove present from the beginning.

The original tune really blew us away with its release earlier this summer (not to mention that epic video) but this VIP has us hyped all over again.  Maintaining a lot of the funky vibes of the original but with a heavier twist, this VIP is everything we ever wanted!

Upping the intensity and with some slightly darker energy, this VIP is guaranteed to get you movin’. With heavy bass, jazzy melodies, and a cinematic power, we can see why this made GRiZ’s Freshly Baked playlist.

Grab this massive VIP for yourself now, graciously available as a free download from All Good Records! 



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