In case you missed it, 25 year-old Maduk has been all over MA Music lately, and here’s why.

Straight out of Amsterdam, Maduk has been consistently releasing upbeat and quirky drum and bass tunes, and has been making a name for himself across the globe.

In 2014, he won the ‘Best Newcomer Producer’ at the Drum & Bass Arena Awards, and has not stopped impressing us since. Not only does Maduk produce insane tunes, but he also is co-owner of Liquicity Records, an impressive feat at such a young age.


With the recent release of his debut album on Hospital Records, Maduk has blown us away with 12 amazing tracks on ‘Never Give Up’. With a story as inspirational as the title, the album pushes positive vibes and is guaranteed to put you in a good mood, and isn’t that what music is all about? This is a feel good album if ever there was one with a refreshing mix of vocal led tracks and his unique drum and bass sounds. As much as we love drum and bass at MA, it’s refreshing to hear Maduk’s fresh new take on the genre.

The title track of the album is easily one of our favourites, combining positive lyrics with a cheerful tune and gorgeous vocals. We absolutely cannot get enough of Maduk’s unique sound; we love how he has managed to create something so new and different while still staying true to the genre we all know and love. Maduk has truly perfected his art!

‘Nothing More’ is another one of our favourites (although it really is hard to pick, the whole album is amazing!) and is a light, upbeat tune with wild elevations and more gorgeous vocals that make you feel excited and inspired. This track embodies what we love about the entire album as it is able put you in a better mood after just one listen. Go ahead and see what we mean for yourself.

Maduk first got in to making music when he began learning piano so he could play all the songs in Zelda games growing up, and has been known to drop the Pokémon theme song in his live sets as well – be sure to keep an eye out for an upcoming Pokémon release, too. We love Maduk’s quirky take on drum and bass and can’t wait to see what he does next!

Be sure to pick up your copy of ‘Never Give Up’ on Hospital Records here.

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