Different Heaven is the young producer from Seville, Spain that is most well-known for his track with EH!DE, ‘My Heart’, on NCS. Different Heaven gained a lot of traction after this release and was even featured by everyone’s favourite Youtuber, PewDiePie. Spag Heddy also did an insane remix of the track that dropped almost 3 years ago that we’re still listening to on the regular.

But what you might not know about Different Heaven is his vast range of other bass music songs, often drawing from some pretty cool inspirations, including a Spanish rap about League of Legends, Nyan Cat , Slenderman, and even a track featuring PewDiePie himself. Not to mention his lyric videos are all top notch – dubstep has never been put into words more beautifully than by Different Heaven.

He also runs a second channel dedicated to nightcore releases, a genre that originated in trance/techno music and features high pitches and very fast beats. You’ll hear a lot of these influences across Different Heaven’s impressive collection of music, but this is one of our favourites.

Earlier last month, Different Heaven released another new tune for us that is sure to become a massive hit. This melodic new electro house tune featuring Sian is the refreshing take on the genre we’ve been craving! Perky, upbeat, and ridiculously catchy, this is the kind of positive track that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. We love the varied use of vocals on this one that really come together to create a pretty complex sound that’s perfectly unique. This young Spanish producer is definitely one to watch out for, and we’re so excited to share this release with you!

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