This up and coming duo are about to take the electronic music world by storm.

The LA-based duo each have a rich history in different aspects of the music industry, and together they make quite the legendary pair. Cary White and William Gonzales met during an Infected Mushroom tour in 2012, and have since then become close friends, later forming Groove Cartel in the spring of this year.

Cary White started to make a name for himself long before Groove Cartel, but not in the way you might expect. Remember how the two met at an Infected Mushroom gig? Well, turns out Cary actually played drums with the group from 2012 to 2014. Not only has he played with Injected Mushroom, though; Cary has played with such legends as Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, everyone’s favourite scene pop band Metro Station, among many other big names.1780745_1003471753014395_7241916979115686139_n

Not only is Cary a legendary drummer, but in 2013, he also started his own electronic music project, Drums on Acid. Using his formidable skills and musical background, Cary began making music and within 3 months won the EDC Discovery Project Award, which recognizes new and upcoming talent in the industry. As Drums on Acid, Cary was already building a pretty impressive streak of live shows, playing some of North America’s biggest festivals, including EDC and Burning Man.

Cary is known for using live instruments alongside his electronic music sets, something that is still rather uncommon in today’s music scene (Modestep and Wilkinson are both known to play with live bands). With his background in drumming, Cary incorporates live drums and other instruments into his music to add more of a human touch to the world of electronic music.

William Gonzalez, the other half of Groove Cartel, also has a pretty impressive history leading up to the duo’s formation.

Previously known as the solo artist Pyramyth, William boasts more than a few beatport chart toppers. Hailing from Mexico, William has developed a truly unique sound, blending together elements of trap, glitch hop, psytrance, electro and more into his music.71772_434062856647575_2017559726_n

As Pyramyth, William garnered a lot of attention opening for huge acts like Knife Party and Steve Aoki, and it’s no surprise if you’ve heard his skills as a producer. Where Cary’s background is in drums, William is a classically trained pianist, which comes across in a lot of his compositions, especially the ethereal melodies he is known for.

With two very different backgrounds, it’s no surprise Groove Cartel have created such a unique sound together. Their music is all about those groovy vibes, and every track they put out is guaranteed to get you dancing. With a fresh and innovative take on electronic music, we’re excited to see what the future holds for this young duo!

Listen to their latest track, ‘Don’t Stop’, which premiered on MA this week. Also available for free download on SoundCloud

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