Trampa & TrollPhace have joined forces on ‘Headbang Gang’ to ensure that your neck will snap off and your head will fly off at them whilst DJing.

This is probably one of the heaviest drops in dubstep we’ve heard this year. Trampa & TrollPhace are both renowned for heavy face-melting drops in their music. So what happens when you combine them together on a collaboration?

Headbang Gang happens. We heard this get dropped at the NSD: Black Label event for the very first time in London at Fire for their takeover and it went off. The ceiling was dripping with sweat and the mosh pit – one of the most brutal I’ve seen in Ldn to-date.

The crowd reaction alone will give you tingles, let alone how massively fierce and energetic this track is. Not only that – it’s a free download!

Headbang Gang by Trampa & TrollPhace is OUT NOW on NSD:BL for FREE!

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