One of London’s biggest drum & bass parties was canceled over the weekend, and people are not happy

Over the weekend, thousands of people were turned away from the Breakin Science event at Building Six in London, due to an apparent shortage of medical staff on site

Breakin Science are known for putting on some of the biggest drum & bass nights on around the country, the event on August 5th was a birthday celebration for MC Eksman. The lineup featured Majistrate, Turno, Logan D, Mampi Swift, Crissy Criss, and many other big names in the genre.

O2 tweeted out an official apology:

People took to Twitter in an outrage, many traveling far for the event (some from as far as Australia) while others ended stranded in London with nowhere else to go. Despite offering refunds on tickets, for those who traveled far, it certainly isn’t enough.

The venue apparently let the VIP ticket holders in to the venue early, opening up the bar, before announcing it was canceled (which they didn’t announce until 11:40 pm, 20 minutes before most trains stopped running).

Breakin Science had this to say:

What we know is:

The venue (Building Six) is owned and operated by O2, the giant phone network that owns and operate some of London’s biggest venues.

At 10pm on the night, the main sound system “mysteriously” stopped working out of ALL speakers, but artists were told it was being fixed by on site engineers and wouldn’t be a problem (some consider this unacceptable considering the hire fee for such a venue).

They let people in the VIP queue into the venue at 10:15.

Main doors remained closed to everyone else by 10:45 pm

At 11:00, Breakin Science were informed that the 4 medics they had booked for the night hadn’t shown up (only 4 medics for a venue that size?)

Breakin Science then tried to reach out to private medical teams to ensure the night could go ahead, but to no avail.

Police intervened at 11:15 as people waiting to get in the venue began to get rowdy and canceled the event.

Breakin Science spent an estimated 30k to put on the night, with months of work going into it.

The event was close to selling out

There have been no reports of overdosing/drug use as responsible for the event’s cancellation

Ticket refunds are being issued

Eksman, whose birthday bash the event was, has been vocal on Facebook since, offering to reschedule the event for this Saturday:

Were you at this event? Let us know what happened in the comments.

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  • Mark Murphy

    the venue is not owned by o2. they are a sponsor. the site is operated by aeg live a well known international promotor. a series of mistakes has led to this situation