Riddim is a subgenre of dubstep that tends to be really repetitive and bouncy in nature. The name originally comes from the Jamaican Patois pronunciation of rhythm, and can also be used to describe the instrumental backgrounds for a variety of genres outside of dubstep as well. Riddim is characterized by a strong bass line and drum patter, and is very minimalistic layers. Riddim also often uses some elements of trap, like snares, hats, and 808s, but is otherwise mostly focused on the sub-bass.

Perhaps the best example of the genre, however, is the appropriately titled ‘Riddim Tutorial’ from BadKlaat. This one will show you the minimalist layering that is common with the genre, but still incorporates enough unique sounds to be interesting.

Dubloadz, p0gman, 50 Carrot and Coffi are some of the most well-known riddim producers, but Trollphace, JPhelpz, Sadhu and D-Jahsta also have some riddim influences in their tracks.

Speaking of which, another killer riddim dubstep tune is the D-Jahsta remix of Sadhu’s ‘Say What’. You get the repetitive, heavy bass lines that contrast strongly with the original in this remix so you can see where the riddim influence comes in, mixed with D-Jahsta’s darker sounds as well.

And finally, the Dubloadz remix of Dodge & Fuski’s ‘Big Riddim Monsta’ is another perfect example of the genre. This is one seriously heavy hitting track, and the samples in here are too good. The breakdowns are a perfect example of riddim dubstep too!

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