Created in 2009 by American DJ and producer Dave Nada, Moombahton is essentially the fusion of house and reggaeton (not to be confused with reggae music!), which come together to form a really unique sound. Moombahton tends to be characterized by spread out basslines, a two-step pulse and really dramatic build-ups, and is typically 105-115bpm. Similarly, moombahcore incorporates elements of moombah and dubstep, instead of house, but moombahton remains more popular today. Dillon Francis and Skrillex are some of the biggest names to produce moombahton tracks in recent years, but we’ll be showing you a few more artists in this week’s genre highlight.

This track from Buygore’s Bad Royale is a perfect example of the genre, featuring reggae-style vocals paired with a fast paced, two-step pulse and the extended build-ups moombahton is known for. The genre is definitely one to get you dancing, which is one of the things we love most about it!

One of the most well received tracks of the genre is this classic collaboration from Dillon Francis and Skrillex. This one features a lot of the elements mentioned earlier, but still has that unique sound coming from both artists making it hard to classify, but it definitely has a lot of moombahton going on!

And, if you want an example of moombahcore (moombah + dubstep), look no further than Skrillex’s massive ‘Bangarang’! It may come as a surprise as this track definitely has a lot of the bass wobbles we have come to love from the legendary producer, but the tempo and drum beats in this one are straight from reggaeton, meaning this is the perfect example of moombahcore!

Moombaton influences often appear in a lot of hybrid trap tunes as well, giving us a chance to show you another insane tune from Bad Royale. Notice a lot of the reggae elements in this one?

Thanks for tuning in for this week’s genre spotlight – we hope these are informative and introduce you to some new tracks! In case you missed it, last week’s article covered Glitch Hop, and come back next week to see what genre we cover next!


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