Future bass is a genre of music that started in early 2006 in the United Kingdom, Japan, United States, and Australia. It evolved out of the post-dubstep movement and draws inspiration from garage, glitch hop, and trap, although is very unique in its own sound. Future bass is a fairly wide genre of music, but tends to be characterized by a heavy use of detuned synthesizers, hard baselines, and a variety of twinkly sounds and squeaks that give it that future title. Future bass uses a lot of soft, shimmering sounds that can make it reminiscent of a lullaby.

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Some of the most well-known future bass producers are Flume, ODESZA, and Alison Wonderland, although even bigger names like Jack Ü have been known to dabble in the genre. We’ve selected a few tracks to give you a better understanding of the genre, so have a listen below!

One of our favourite future bass tracks comes from Ray Volpe, and features a lot of those spaceship sounds that are iconic of the genre. Of course, there is also plenty of heavy bass throughout this one, but it’s the blending with that transcendental melody that really make this a future bass track.

Another favourite is this really quirky and upbeat track from Diamond Eyes, ‘Reboot’. You’ll hear a lot of those twinkles we mentioned earlier, as well as heavy use of synths that give this track those spacey vibes.

Perhaps a more well-known example of the genre is this track from Jack Ü featuring AlunaGeorge. You can really hear the hard baselines and funky, spaceship noises on the drops, and the flowing melody that has those distinct future vibes.

And finally, this Tripper remix of Katdrop’s ‘Love’ is the perfect example of the sort of atmosphere created by future bass tunes. Listening to this definitely transports us to another world, and we feel as if we are floating through space. Serene yet still heavy: that’s what future bass is all about.

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