Electro house is a subgenre of house music that tends to have much more prominent basslines. It started in the mid-90s but didn’t become popular until about a decade later. Electro house is typically 125 – 135 bpm, and is largely influenced by electro, synth-pop and tech house. Electro house builds off the traditional 4/4 beat of house music and adds richer harmonies and high-pitched leads, and will often feature piano riffs and electro-influenced synths. You’ll also hear a lot of elements of minimal techno in electro house tunes! Imagine a cruder, more distorted version of 80s synth-pop, and combine that with a house rhythm and heavy bass.

However, electro house is still a very broad genre and there are a lot of even smaller subgenres within it, most notably Big Room, Dutch House (Dirty Dutch) and Complextro, although these also continue to develop into their own separate groupings.

Some of the most well-known producers making electro house are Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike, Feed Me, Knife Party, and Porter Robinson. Skrillex and Steve Aoki have also been known to dabble in the genre!

One of our favourite electro house tracks comes from Dion Timmer, ‘My World’. You can instantly hear the thumping bass layered into that catchy house beat and the distorted vocals that carry that 80s vibe. You’ll notice the dramatic build up to the drop, although it still maintains that rich harmony that makes you want to dance – the bass doesn’t drown out the other elements of the song.

Different Heaven is another popular name with his track ‘Even Better’ featuring Sian. This is a really melody-heavy house tune, but still with those electro-infused synths characteristic of the genre. You’ll also notice the upbeat, positive nature of this tune that tends to be typical of electro house as well. There’s definitely some techno vibes on this one as well, proving just how complex and varied of a genre electro house can be.

Another really well-known example of the genre is Knife Party’s ‘Internet Friends’. This is definitely one of the heavier sides of the genre with the bass hitting hard from the very beginning, but you still get a distinct house 4/4 beat and those distorted electro-infused synths.

And finally, another shining example of the genre is the Apashe remix of Snails & heRobust’s ‘Pump This’. Snails’ unique sound lends itself really well to this electro house remix, and you’ll hear a really heavy use of those distorted synths on top of that familiar house beat. The basslines are really prominent as well, and those dancefloor ready drops. This is one of the most diverse electro house tracks we’ve heard, and the breakdown at the end is a perfect illustration of the genre!

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