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Here at MA, we’re always stumbling across new music from producers that we believe don’t have the recognition they deserve. We listen to countless submissions from artists all around the world every day, and are continually impressed with a lot of what we are hearing! Our Weekly Addiction compilation represents the best new music we’re hearing at the moment, hand-picked by the team here at MA for your listening pleasure. Covering all genres, there will be something for everyone to discover each week, so be sure to come back every Monday for our weekly recap! Stay up to date with the latest undiscovered music, and be sure to keep an eye on the artists we feature.

DSKO – Catapult

Kicking off our first in our Weekly Addiction series is this tune from DSKO. Although this one has been out for a while now, we knew we had to share it as soon as we heard it! A bright and bubbly dance tune, the track offers alluring vocals and a pretty catchy beat. There’s a really charming quality to the tune that makes it really easy listening, and takes us back to carefree summer days.

The drop has a really unique twist on a future bass sound, adding an element of funk to the mix that we absolutely adore! The vocals beg us to sing along, and add a really lovely energy to the tune. As the track progresses, we get some oriental vibes thrown into the mix – it may sound a bit all over the place, but DSKO manages to tie all these different sounds together in a way that is as cohesive as it is original. DSKO is definitely a name to watch out for!

SUMif – Everything

Next up on our list is ‘Everything’, the electro pop tune from San Francisco based producer SUMif. SUMif, also known as Steph Wells, has spent over a decade in music, experimenting with all sorts of different sounds and styles before ending up in the indie-electro category. Pairing sultry vocals with a refreshing future bass infused sound, ‘Everything’ is everything we look for in a tune.

SUMif combines vibrant pop music with the more chill vibes of future bass to create a song that is bubbly and unique. Emotive, alluring, and ridiculously catchy, we can’t get enough of this producer! We love seeing strong females in what is all too often a male-dominated industry, so be sure to check out more by SUMif by following her on SoundCloud.

Fye & Fennek – Shelter

For something a little bit different, look no further than Fye & Fennek’s ‘Shelter’. With acoustic vibes aplenty amidst flawless production, Shelter is the homage to our indie folk days with an electro-twist. The vocals are absolutely stunning and fully emotive, drawing us in to Fye & Fennek’s unique sound.

There’s something really quirky about this tune that keeps us coming back. The lyrics are thoughtful and catchy, and there’s so much variety in the production that the track is interesting from start to finish. Despite so many different sounds coming in to play, the track still maintains a really cohesive sound, truly impressive!

Date Night feat. Cam Nacson – Low

Bringing a little bit of house to the mix this week is this new tune from Date Night. Featuring the vocal talents of Cam Nacson, this emotive track is sure to tug at your heart strings in all the right ways. The track opens strong with those alluring vocals, building up softly with a gentle, calming rhythm. As the track progresses, we get some funky vibes thrown in that are guaranteed to have you groovin’ along!

Date Night gives a fresh, funky take on house music, and we can’t get enough of this dancehall worthy tune. We love the soulful yet dreamy vibes on ‘Low’, and the upbeat energy makes this the perfect track to start or finish a night. Available for free download here.

Barrens Chatter – Tipping Point feat. Helen Tess

Barrens Chatter just released this incredible future bass tune which was quickly picked up by Lost In Bangers on SoundCloud, an impressive feat to say the least! Featuring gorgeous vocals by Helen Tess, the tune starts off on a bright note right from the start. The track seems to get stuck in our head almost instantly, almost as if we have heard it somewhere before. The sounds fill the room with a lively energy, and then the drop hits.

With just a dash of heavy bass amidst the floating future bass melodies, Barrens Chatter gives us just the right amount of filth to really take us by surprise. That heavy bass adds a really powerful element to the tune, and provides an appropriately dramatic contrast. Barrens Chatter has definitely caught our attention with this one, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

That’s it for the first edition of our Weekly Addiction series, but be sure to come back next Monday for more of our undiscovered favourites! 

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