This week’s edition features a soothing new tune from Lazarus Moment, a dark, cinematic piece from I am Sid and GR∆X, and a whimsical cover from Cosmos & Creature

Lazarus Moment – Broken

One of our favourite recent finds comes to you from Swedish producer Lazarus Moment. A pioneering track of the future garage genre, ‘Broken’ stands out for the raw emotion flooding out of the track. While it falls on the more quiet side, it carries a power and elegance that is often hard to find in electronic music. The sound design alone is incredible, but there’s just something about the way the track flows that really caught our attention and left a lasting impression.

Pensive and dreamy, the track starts off slowly, creating an atmosphere that makes it easy to get lost in thought. Each sound is distinct against the next – you can really hear how much thought went into the production on this one as well. Things slowly build up, layering one crystal clear sound on another before gentle vocals kick in and add an element of warmth. Definitely one of the most poignant tracks we’ve shared in this series, you’ll definitely want to follow Lazarus Moment for more.

I am Sid and GR∆X – Mandelbug

Next up is something a little bit more energetic, a brand new collaboration between I am Sid and GR∆X. Teaming up on this release for World Intellectual Property Day on April 26 which celebrates creativity around the world, I am Sid and GR∆X deliver a delightfully eerie and cinematic electronic tune that is as refreshing as it is formidable.

Opening on an immediately ominous note, ‘Mandelbug’ is chillingly elegant from the get-go. Glitchy sounds contrast the more luxurious melodies, leading up to a lo-fi drop that totally blows us away. Sirens wail as another foreboding buildup takes over, flooding our speakers with a dark energy that we can’t get enough of. A truly beautiful, but haunting, piece of music, we’ll surely be keeping an eye on these talented producers.

Cosmos & Creature – Unsteady

This week, we’ve also got a more vibrant piece from Cosmos & Creature. The progressive pop duo from California have given us a delightful cover of ‘Unsteady’ by the X Ambassadors, and we couldn’t help but fall in love. It takes a lot to impress us with a cover, but Cosmos & Creature’s take on this tune really blew us away!

Gentle and sweet with just a hint of whimsy, they’ve managed to maintain the familiarity of the tune while still giving it a refreshing new sound to the point that we almost didn’t recognize it as a cover at all at first. They’ve kept the warmth and emotion of the original but with a fun, future – bass infused twist that makes it perfect summer listening!

That’s it for this week, but be sure to check out past editions for more of our undiscovered favourites!

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