This week, we have another varied selection of tunes from OTR, Lenii, Haquin, and Shield

OTR – Already Gone feat. Kelsie Rimmer

Opening up this week’s list is the gorgeously elegant new tune from OTR. Featuring the captivating vocals of Kelsie Rimmer, this soft, sultry tune is guaranteed to sweep you off your feet. With alluring vocals delivering delicately emotive lyrics, ‘Already Gone’ gives us the perfect blend of sweet piano driven melodies and powerful bass.

Giving a refreshing take on future bass, we love the fusion of gentle harmonies and more explosive drops. The drops especially catch us off guard a little bit between the more gentle melodies. The impact of the drops, together with that signature future bass sound, add a whole new layer of emotion to the tune, giving a powerful oomph to the track.

Lenii – Sober Dreams

Up next on this week’s addiction is another gorgeous, emotive tune from Lenii. Lenii writes that “Sober Dreams is about being there for a person through ups and downs. It’s about listening to others and healing ourselves through ambition and thinking more consciously” and we think that’s really powerful! Lenii’s raw emotion comes through on the vocals on the track, giving a playful edit as the track progresses.

‘Sober Dreams’ utilizes a really unique layering, adding new sounds constantly and allowing you to hear something different with each listen. The track is bubbly and vibrant, carrying a powerful punch in the form of sincere lyrics. We love the innocent quality of the track – Lenii has created a sound that is fresh and pure, and we’re obsessed!

Haquin – Vrddhi

This track is something completely different what we usually feature on these articles. It’s more of a powerful synthetic story. It starts out calmly with the sounds of the rainforest, building up to the climax with the sounds of a heartbeat. Once the track drops, the mix down and melody of the track itself is very impressive, the crystal like sounding synths alongside the sounds of running water and crunching leaves creates a whole new world inside the head as you’re listening.

The track continues with this beautiful melody leading to another build up, teasing the listener with deep sub basses and cracking percussion. Our favourite kind of music is a song that tells a story and if you sit and really listen to this amazing track, it doesn’t just tell a story but opens up your mind to a whole new world! Very impressive production and looking forward to hearing more from Haquin in the future.

Shield – Copenhagen

Finishing up this week’s list is this jazzy halftime tune from Shield. Featuring on the prestigious Noisia Radio, ‘Copenhagen’ features impeccable sound design and a rather unusual, jazz infused groove that really makes the track stand out. Saucy, cocktail vibes, this tune is guaranteed to have you moving along to its rather infectious rhythm.

Featuring trippy basslines and curious drumbeats, the track carries a sense of whimsy that is incredibly compelling. Definitely something that breaks the mold in more ways than one, we love the intense creativity pouring out of this track. Shield has definitely left us with something quite memorable, and we’ll be sure to keep an eye on him from now on!

That’s it for this week, but be sure to check out more of our Weekly Addiction series!

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