This week features a few incredible remixes, an introduction to cello house, and much more!

In case you missed it, our Weekly Addiction series is all about bringing you the best compilation of lesser known producers from across the full spectrum of electronic music. The team at MA hand pick tunes every week, drawing from various submissions and our own exploration of the musical world, culminating in this weekly list. This week, we bring you everything from cello house to some pretty creative remixes of some of our favourite tunes, so be sure to keep reading to see this week’s favourites!

Kicking us off this week is one of the most unique tracks we’ve heard in a while. Anthelix brings something completely different to this week’s edition with his cello house tune ‘Bow’. Beautifully fusing the organic and the electronic, Anthelix weaves elegant cello melodies with soft vocals and a gentle house beat, creating a true work of art. Using the raw string instruments adds a sophisticated and emotive sound that simply can’t be created any other way, fused together with that familiar house beat to create something truly unique.

The electronic elements give the track a real sense of groove – despite the power of the cello, the track still manages to be light and playful with the xylophone-esque sounds that kick in as the track progresses. The subtle vocals add a touch of warmth to the track, and the piano towards the end serves to liven things up. A beautifully crafted and thoughtful tune, we couldn’t resist sharing.

If you’re a fan of MA, you’re probably already familiar with Virtual Riot. For this week’s Weekly Addiction, Samson delivers a refreshing new take on Virtual Riot’s classic tune ‘In My Head’ and it’s amazing! Light, upbeat, and ever so whimsical, Samson’s remix delivers everything we could have wanted and more.

The drop is a burst of colour and energy, breathing new life into the original tune. Every sound is effervescent and alive – we love how bold and vivacious Samson’s sound is! We love how chill the original version is, but we love seeing how energetic Samson has made it with his remix. With chiptune vibes and a playful take on the vocals, Samson really impressed us with this one!

Next up is the gorgeous new track from Oliver Chang & Evan James, ‘Beacon’. Opening with the stunning vocals of Remmi, we’re instantly entranced by the gentle soundscape created. Warm and alluring, the track flows out our speakers and fills the room with good vibes, and we find ourselves instantly falling in love.

The drop is powerful and dramatic, yet still never loses those feel god vibes present from the start. The vocals remain strong throughout the entirety of the track, adding a really elegant touch to the production. We definitely hear a strong Porter Robinson influence from this one with the overall upbeat energy it gives off, and it’s definitely not one to miss!

Delivering another remix to this week’s selection is Kotek’s version of deadmau5’s ‘Let Go’. Kotek is a name we’ve been watching for a while now here at MA (see our interview with him here) and we’ve been continually impressed with his releases – this one is no exception. Kotek offers a wide range of different sounds on this one, making it hard to classify it under any one genre, but his remix is a very interesting and emotive piece of music that we really love!

The track opens with strong spacey vibes, before building into more of a future bass sound and letting the original vocals shine through. Things take a bit of a dark turn into the second minute with a more bass driven sound, and then continues to highlight the vocals over a more ominous beat. Things pick up towards the end with a drastically different drop, giving us more dark vibes before coming to an end. Despite showcasing so many different sounds, the tune still manages to flow really well, a true testament to Kotek’s production skills.

Next up is Dortmund based producer Leonail, with his first release ‘Apollo 11’. Infusing an, intriguingly catchy, vocal sounding riff with some beautiful sounding synths for the drop, the wonderful array of drum samples accent subtle changes to the rhythm that keep the drop feeling fresh throughout.

In between the drop you’ll hear everything from exquisite piano strokes, rad trap hi-hats and Neil Armstrong’s imfamous “One Small Step” line. These interesting details littered throughout the track keep things interesting, standing out from an increasing number of tracks that dull the average listener with their repetitive structure. Leonail presents an impressive first outing that leaves us eager to hear more.

With Picnictyme on the production, Librada provides four and a half minutes of bilingual bliss with ‘TRA’. The combining force of these two artists, based in Dallas, Texas, results a wholly refreshing sound.

‘TRA’ begins with a strong hip-hop style bassline, soon accompanied by rolling percussion that gift the track with a unique feeling of pace whilst allowing the chilled back elements of the mix to thrive. Librada provides a variety of emotive vocals, complementing perfectly the surrounding soundscape.

That’s all for this week, but if you’ve enjoyed our selection, be sure to check out past editions!

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