This week’s massive edition features everything from house to dubstep and everything in between

Although this week’s edition is long overdue, we promise it’ll be worth the wait. Featuring our biggest compilation yet covering the full spectrum of electronic music, we’ve taken the time to find some real gems that we know you’re going to love.

Starting us off is BrokinPaper’s ‘Control’, a spooky trap tune that is as innovative as it is catchy. Opening with an eerie melody with a slightly retro vibe, we’re reminded of something out of ‘Stranger Things’ and we love it! There’s a certain campy sci-fi feel to the intro, and it only gets spookier. Definitely a lot of really great energy in here with a dark edge that really made this track stand out.

The track carries on with that dark vibe building up into the drop, a sort of deconstructed trap sound still led by that eerie opening melody. Vocal chops add to the spook factor, and that heavy bass drives it home. There’s a real groove emerging amidst all the eeriness, and we find ourselves boogying along to this haunting tune. Definitely unlike anything we’ve heard before and worth checking out!

Next up is BLSZRD’s remix of Jauz & Sullivan King’s iconic tune ‘Pure Evil’. Using that familiar vocal sample in the intro, BLSZRD has created an ominous, cinematic intro but wastes no time building up to what ends up a pretty chaotic drop. Replacing the original soundscape with the naughtiest sounds dubstep has to offer, that first drop is complete madness.

Also be sure to check out his remix of Mija & Vindata’s ‘Better’

Things quiet down again and take us back to the original, but only briefly before more heavy drums kick in. BLSZRD has done an amazing job of completely transforming this track and breathing new life in to it – as much as we love the original, this version definitely hits hard. We’re a sucker for heavy bass and filthy drops here at MA, so it’s no surprise we had to share this one with you!

Bringing something a little more upbeat to this week’s selection is ‘High’ by Lyfo. This peppy dance tune has seen an extraordinary amount of success on SoundCloud already, having reached over 15k plays in under two weeks, despite having less than six hundred followers. Opening with a gentle, glimmering melody, this tune instantly puts us in a good mood and is the kind of feel good track we’re a sucker for here at MA!

The drop is bright and vibrant and full of life – the energy is bursting out our speakers. This track makes for really easy listening, perfect to start or end your night! Despite not having any vocals, the track still manages to tell a story, one full of positivity and adventure. Definitely don’t sleep on this one!

Willco brings something a little different to this week’s selection as well with his future bass remix of A Day To Remember’s ‘If It Means A Lot To You’. Taking us back to our metal days, Willco breathes new life into this iconic track and fills us with nostalgia in all the best ways. Keeping the original vocals in tact but adding that future bass flair, this remix is soothing and brilliant all at once.

Opening with light drums over a gentle melody and the original vocals, this track is a serenade to our younger selves and we love it! There’s a really feel good quality to this one, bringing upbeat electronic energy to the tune. We had no idea these two genres would go together so well, but Willco has proven his skills as a producer with this innovative remix!

BigJerr gives us more filthy dubstep to get excited about this week with his track ‘Bust It’ feat. WYRED. With a really strong opening that feels instantly familiar, BigJerr delivers a chiptune infused melody over ample drums before building up into one proper disgusting drop.

Reminiscent of Getter and Virtual Riot among many of our other favourite producers, ‘Bust It’ has an intricate and hard hitting drop that has everything we love about the genre in it. We can easily imagine hearing this one played out live by any of the biggest names in dubstep, and are already envisioning how we’d mix it into our own sets. An absolutely massive dubstep tune, we reckon BigJerr is a name to watch!

On the lighter side of things this week is this new tune from jarradcleofé, a lively house tune with a future bass flair. We love the fresh fusion of genres this track offers, as well as the sultry vocals sampled in the tune. Definitely a track that makes us want to get up and dance! There’s a real innate groove to this one deeply embedded in every sound used which really highlights jarradcleofé’s skills as a producer.

Sultry and suave, this track contains a really elegant energy that we can’t get enough of. The vocals add just the right amount of soul to the tune, and jarradcleofé’s passion is evident from the moment we hit play. While we don’t feature a lot of house here on MA, this track really stood out for its innovative blend of sounds and unique groove.

That’s the end of this week’s selection, but it’s definitely packed full of goodies for every taste. Check out more of our previous selections here, and be sure to come back next week for more of our undiscovered favourites!

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  • Lyfo

    Great job guys! Really like your descriptions and love all the posted tunes, especially the one by BigJerr. And thank you very much for featuring my track 🙂

    • Rhiannon McCarter

      Thanks so much, glad you like it! And you’re welcome, was a joy to write about! 🙂