This week, we’re bringing you new music from Kotek, Silk Society, Tesko & more

It’s been a while since our last weekly addiction, but trust us when we say it’s been worth the wait. We’ve got a wide variety of tracks to share with you today, including dubstep, house, future bass and more. We’re always trying to find new tracks that defy genres, and we definitely have some new and innovative producers to feature this week, starting with this new tune from Kotek.

Kotek – Aurora

Relative newcomer Kotek has just released a 6-track EP on Lowtemp Records, and man is it awesome. Showcasing his wide range of production talents, covering everything from trap to future bass and everything in between, the entire EP really blew us away, but ‘Aurora’ stood out that extra mile. Bright, energetic, and emotive, ‘Aurora’ is as colourful as the name might suggest.

With dreamy yet robotic lyrics that are reminiscent of Fox Stevenson’s early days, ‘Aurora’ is a powerful track from start to finish. Gorgeous melodies flow in and out of Kotek’s flawless sound design, but that’s not to say there’s not also a healthy serving of gritty, dirty bass towards the end. Combining the best of future bass, dubstep, and a little something more, ‘Aurora’ is easily one of our favourite finds this week.

Silk Society – Breathe

Coming to us straight from Hamburg, Germany, this duo have really impressed us with their latest release. Featuring the vocal talents of Canadian singer and producer VVAVES, ‘Breathe’ breathes new life into future bass with a fresh, upbeat sound. Silk Society have delivered a track with both flawless production and immense creativity, and we find ourselves repeating this one endlessly.

VVAVES’s alluring vocals adds a sense of elegance to the tune, her voice both charming and alluring, delivering heartfelt lyrics that add an intense emotiveness to the track. What stands out to us most in this track, however, is definitely the drops – bright and poignant with sounds so vivid we can almost see them. Silk Society have given us a really colourful selection of sounds, and you’re definitely going to want to keep an eye on this duo in the future!

Morqix – Toy Robot

Morqix explores the duality of nature versus technology in his latest release, ‘Toy Robot’. With soothing, future bass infused vibes, the track starts off relatively mellow with a slightly funky vibe. The glitched vocals add a certain warmth to the track, a plethora of sounds continually introduced with a sense of organized chaos.

Morqix demonstrates his masterful production by combining sounds from across genres, as well as many that seem to defy easy classification. There’s an innocent quality to the tune as well, each sound feels pure and carries a jovial quality. As the track progresses, the sound design is continually changing as well, introducing more and more new sounds yet still maintaining the same energy from start to finish.

Tesko – Headbuzz

This week, we get something completely different from the likes of Tesko. This dark house tune is catchy and addictive, so we couldn’t resist sharing on this week’s Weekly Addiction. The track opens with an immediately catchy rhythm with some pretty sinister vibes, but it’s not until the drop that we get to hear some properly wonky basslines. The bass is about as deep as it gets, permeating the room and making us fight the urge to get up and dance.

This is exactly the kind of tune we love hearing on a night out in one of our favourite underground clubs, with thumping bass that carries some animalistic vibes. The sound design is incredible, and that dark energy adds an irresistible quality to the mix. We love Tesko’s sound and can’t wait to hear more!

That’s it for this week’s edition, but be sure to check out previous collections for more of our favourite lesser known tunes

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