This week’s edition is short and sweet, but brings three very different and very talented producers to the spotlight

While this week’s edition is certainly short, what each of these 3 tracks brings to the table is completely unique and worthy of praise! Featuring some hip-hop vibes, gorgeous vocals and a lot of truly elegant sounds, this week is all about the future bass! With three very different takes on the genre, this week’s Addiction shows just how diverse this genre can be, and why it’s exploding in the scene right now. Kicking us off is the talented Volldrauf with a few tracks off his latest EP.

Volldrauf – I’ll Be There feat. Cate Rose

This week, we had the pleasure of hearing not just one, but four incredible tracks from up and coming producer Volldrauf. This first one, entitled ‘I’ll be there’, is a melodic tune with gorgeous vocals and charming harmonies. Part of his recent EP release, the lyrics tell the story of a tragic heartbreak; both the vocals and production are emotive and alluring, coming together for a truly charming track. We love the delicate vibes of the track, and were really impressed with his production!

Continuing the Volldrauf journey is the second tune off his EP, ‘Don’t Know Me’. Featuring the same vocalist (who we find ourselves falling more and more in love with) this track offers the same alluring vocals over a slightly more somber tune. With the same melodic prowess and dark vibrancy in the drop, we are again impressed with this future bass tune. If you like these tracks, be sure to check out the other two on his EP, ‘The Game’ and ‘Take Me Away’, all featuring the same stunning vocals!

R a f t s – E x p o s u r e

R a f t s is the up and coming future bass/hip hop enthusiast from Plymouth, England. Taking his influence from artists ranging from A Tribe Called Quest all the way to Flume, his most recent release is close to the latter. With an unbeatable sub bass and a fantastically wavey synth, ‘E x p o s u r e’ is from beginning to end, a roller coaster of perfectly blended noise and energy. If you have ever listened to a track and been able to feel every moment of it then you would understand the passion put into R a f t s ’ production.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, future bass is more important to the up and coming EDM world than a lot of people think, sitting down with a pair of decent headphones and endlessly enjoying tracks just like this is something we highly recommend. When you look past the high energy synth and sub you hear a lot more than what was originally intended, R a f t s ‘use of the electronic world’s infinite array of techniques perfectly molded into a track as compelling and diverse as this truly shows what excitement we can look forward to in the coming years.

Mike Dupree – Falling Up feat. Maddie Jane

We chose this vocal-driven future bass tune for its gorgeous vocals and elegant production. Simple, clear, and soothing, Mike Dupree’s production is elegant and smooth, with Maddie Jane’s stunning vocals creating an absolutely lush atmosphere. Each sound is poignant and fills the room with its emotive design, and is the perfect chill out song.

‘Falling Up’ is the elegantly simplistic future bass tune we’ve been craving, with just a slight pop infusion that makes it incredibly addicting! We love how pronounced each element is, all while managing to create a really beautiful flow from start to finish. Truly a gorgeous tune that makes for easy, chilled out listening!

That’s it for this week’s picks, but be sure to check out last week’s edition for more undiscovered favourites

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