Our favourite undiscovered new music from this week, covering everything from house to future bass

Every week, the team at MA curate a list of their favourite tunes from lesser-known producers into our Weekly Addiction compilation. We know that some of the biggest things in music aren’t always tied to the biggest names in the business, so we wanted to create a spotlight for some of the track we think deserve a bit more attention. Starting us off this week is a remix of Oliver Heldens’ well-known house tune ‘Good Life’, reimagined by a young producer named Farads.

Oliver Heldens – Good Life feat. Ida Corr (Farads Remix)

Farads gives us a refreshing new take on Oliver Heldens’ classic tune ‘Good Life’. Farads brightens up the original, softening up a lot of elements but still maintaining that original funk that had us dancing when the original first came out. The vocals are given a complete reimagining, helping distinguish Farads’ version even more.

Where the original saw strong, female vocals from Ida Corr, Farads’ remix replaces those with something a little bit darker. Pitched down to such an extent that Ida Corr’s voice is no longer recognizable, the lyrics are the only thing tying back to the original, but we love this darker reimagining! Farads’ remix is more fit for the underground, so we couldn’t resist sharing.

Vicky T- Push Comes to Shove feat. Paul Walker

When we saw this track in our inbox, we have to admit we fangirled just a little bit. Victoria Asher, also known as Vicky T, gives us the pop-infused solo project we’ve been dying for! With strong vocals taking the spotlight, Vicky T delivers powerful lyrics that are sure to take your breath away. Fun, upbeat, and empowering, we can’t get enough of this catchy tune!

Amidst the chorus, we get some future bass vibes that add just the perfect amount of brightness to the tune. While the vocals definitely take the spotlight, we love hearing each mini drop in between verses. There’s a really neat layering effect to the vocals as the track progresses that adds a certain richness to the tune as well while never overpowering Vicky T’s alluring vocals.  Not to mention we get some pretty stunning visuals to go along!

MEMBA – Warrior

Ishaan Chaudhary and Ian Curry are the worldly duo based out of New York known as MEMBA that have taken 2016 by storm with their eclectic, international sounds. Finishing off the year strong is ‘Warrior’, the future bass/trap infused tune with a global flair. The track also comes with a pretty unique story which you can read on their SoundCloud.

Combining heavy bass with riveting melodies and a unique array of sounds from around the globe, MEMBA stand out for their creative and diverse production. The track flows superfluously from start to finish, and yet still manages to incorporate such a broad spectrum of different sounds, some the likes of which we have never heard. MEMBA bring something completely unique to this week’s selection, not to mention a pretty sweet live video!

Wistful & Subsets – Say You’re Gonna Miss Me feat. Holly Drummond

The next track comes to you from producers Wistful and Subsets – we liked this tune so much that we just had to feature it on our sister channel, MA Lite. Featuring the absolutely stunning voice of Holly Drummond, this chill tune is comforting and alluring, with a certain magical charm that will pull you in. The lyrics are sweet and sincere, delivered effortlessly, weaving between equally gorgeous melodies.

The track flows out our speakers, filling the room with deep, emotive sound. Gentle and carefree, ‘Say You’re Gonna Miss Me’ is easy listening, perfect for winding down to at the end of the night. There’s such a grace and beauty to this tune that we just can’t stop listening to it!

reaken – matisse

Last but certainly not least for this week is this rather unusual tune from reaken. This track is completely unlike anything we have ever heard before – the best way we can think to describe it is melodic trap, stripped down to the basics, soft yet heavy all at once. The track opens slowly, a cinematic lullaby, slowly building up into something heavier while still maintaining a certain elegant simplicity, giving us a sound that controls the room.

There’s something really mesmerizing about the production, and we still don’t know how reaken has managed to make a genre like trap so calming. We’re always looking for innovative new sounds at MA, but this one really takes the cake. Simple and yet with a subtle complexity, ‘matisse’ gives us a whole new side to trap, and we can’t wait to hear more from this creative producer!

That’s it for this week’s Weekly Addiction, but if you enjoyed listening to our favourite undiscovered tunes of the week, be sure to check out last week’s compilation as well!

Come back next week to see our new favourites, and be sure to keep submitting your tunes to us for a chance to be featured

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