Modestep have been making a splash recently after announcing their return to the world of dubstep via Never Say Die Records. We loved Living For The Weekend and the accompanying remixes and are hotly anticipating their upcoming release, ‘Higher‘ on Monstercat. What would be the ultimate way to promote their latest single? Performing it at 6,500 ft between two mountain peaks of course!

Jägermeister revealed the location for their Ice Cold Gig as Cecil Peak in Queenstown. It is only accessible by helicopter and sits 6,500ft above sea level in sub-zero temperatures. The iconic German brand partnered with Modestep in 2011 and has supported the band through its JägerMusic programme which supports upcoming and established artists. Tom Carson, the Music Manager at Jägermesiter UK approached the energetic London Duo knowing they would be the perfect fit for the challenge.

The immense challenge of creating this ambitious gig fell to Secret Compass, a professional expedition company whose Brand Projects team travels the globe creating and capturing adventures in the World’s wildest places.

Tom McShane, Operations Director at Secret Compass commented, “Each year when we begin to brainstorm for the next Ice Cold Gig, we visualise the most incredible gig we can imagine and then we aim to bring it to life. Logistically, this Ice Cold Gig presented colossal challenges – we needed to create a stage that would hang from a mountain peak in an inhospitable environment and also ensure that all equipment was in place to deliver and capture the performance. Luckily, we revel in these challenges!”

Watch Modestep perform their Ice Cold Gig below:

We got an exclusive interview with the boys from Modestep – this is what they had to say:

Josh – you just recently got a puppy! How’s that been for you so far?
It’s been hard work, the little guy can’t go out for another week so it’s been three weeks of jumping around my apartment cleaning up after him! It’s all worth it though, for the licks.

Awesome! So what have you been up to recently?
We’ve been working on new material ready to roll out, starting with our first single ‘Higher‘ that we’ve used for this Ice Cold Gig. We haven’t put out a lot of music over the past few years and we intend to change that as of this single.. new music every couple of months throughout 2018.

So, you’ve just performed a Jägermeister Ice Cold Gig!? Care to tell us a little about what’s going on?
The idea for this Ice Cold Gig was to have us suspended very high in the air between two mountain faces on a stage built entirely from netting. We filmed it in New Zealand, and it was absolutely freezing up there.

Thousands of feet over a sheer drop! Were you bricking it a little bit?
We were absolutely bricking it. We met the crew in advance, and we saw what they had been up to previously which made us feel a little better about the whole thing! But it didn’t change the fact we had to actually get up there and play this show.

Have you done anything similar to this before?
I don’t think anyone has done anything similar to this before!

The recent remixes of Living For The Weekend were awesome. Any new music in the works?
Lots of new music on the way, we’ve been piling up the tunes over the last year and have an album of material sat in the wings waiting to come out.

Finally, tell us the most mental thing you saw over in China.
We played a show on New Year’s Eve.. and due to security worries, the government wouldn’t let us play past 11 pm. Everyone had to be out of the festival by midnight as they thought it would excite them too much.

What we weren’t told is that the promoter of the festival had actually been taken hostage by the police, and if we had gone one minute over 11 pm, he was going to be arrested and sent to jail. You would think they would have told us that BEFORE we went on stage. Luckily we didn’t go over…

Lucky indeed! Check out the Behind The Scenes from the Ice Cold Gig over on Jager UK if you want to see more!

‘Higher’ by Modestep it out 13th November 2017 on Monstercat.

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