When we heard the sad news of June Miller passing on the production torch to pursue other things – we were devastated. After witnessing one of the most impressive opening yet – that is the Let It Roll Opening Show that June Miller curated last year – it really hit the nail on the head that we weren’t going to hear anymore of his incredible and intricate¬†productions. Well, we were wrong…

June Miller has teamed up with James Marvel and MC Mota with a new double single ‘Dominator / A Pinda Funk’ that has been released on RAM Records.

Dominator has this really cool theme and vibe to it which a lot of tracks tend to be missing at the moment. Specifically within neurofunk. Too much Neuro and not enough Funk! The trio have absolutely nailed this release though by merging their sounds and styles almost perfectly.

A Pinda Funk is exceptionally refreshing to listen to as well by doing just that – injecting a fierce amount of funk and groove in with those neuro sounds that we love to really get your body moving over that dance floor.

‘Dominator’ by June Miller, James Marvel & MC Mota is OUT NOW on RAM Records

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