There are certain labels that never fail to impress us, and Viper is continuing their streak with their 100th release

Viper Recordings have been around for a long time and still consistently manage to release tracks that people see as instant classics, 13 years later in 2017. In the past month, Viper have released two tracks off their ‘Viper 100’ EP celebrating their 100th release as a label. The two tracks we are looking at today showcase the sheer monstrous energy that Viper producers put into their tracks and what makes them so formidable.

The first track comes as a VS collaboration between Bmotion and Dossa & Locuzzed. ‘Love Blind’ brings the well recognised high energy of Dossa & Locuzzed with the deep bass oriented production of Bmotion together to fashion a heavy impacting dancefloor track to shake sets all across the globe. The use of the guitar pluck in this track alongside the crushed 8-bit crackle just proves how intricate their production is.

There are a thousand things to adore about this release, the perfect drum track, the catchy vocal samples and the unheard foley samples that plaster all over the background. But the thing we love the most about ‘Love Blind’ is the powerful bassline. Any drum and bass fan can tell you that a good DnB track has a full and professional bassline. However, when a track successfully hits it’s listener as hard as this one does you can tell there is more to the production than meets the eye – there is unlimited passion and skill from the respected artists.

Next up is Trei and Insomniax with their VS collaboration, “Pulling Teeth”. A little darker than the sister track from this EP, it uses noises that will make hairs stand on end and a mix down so pure that every element of the song catches you off guard. The track starts off relatively softly, edging in a drum track and teasing the limits that these two are about to go with creepy vocal samples and great synths. But as is the case in most DnB tracks, it’s the drop that we really like.

Much like the previous track on the Viper 100 release, this bass kick will be full on to begin with, hitting right off the bat and causing a tidal wave of listeners jumping simultaneously it will be very difficult not to shuffle to the beat when this is dropped. The deep heavy bassline alongside the bass kick makes it difficult not to screwface right off the bat, which is followed by a noise that can only be described as angry bees. Pure filth and a track that will be rinsed in the year to come.

Viper 100 is already proving to be a heavyweight release for this year and we can’t wait to hear the final 2 tracks included in this 4 track EP. These tracks are available to buy as singles however from the following links. Let us know which is your favourite so far!

Download “Love Blind” HERE

Download “Pulling Teeth” HERE

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