Singer & self-proclaimed superhero Violet Rose, hailing from a small town in Pennsylvania, USA, has just released yet another staggering music video for her latest single, ‘Turn Me On’, a continuation of the story told in 2015’s ‘Working Hard’.

Released just in time for Halloween and inspired by her love of Marvel comics, this vibrant and powerful video contains all the imagery we’ve come to associate with the electro-pop superhero.

“I told myself I would never give anyone my power. I would never be weak again.”

Formidable vocals deliver even more captivating lyrics that really show the singer coming into her own –Violet Rose truly blossoms with this release. Alongside Violet’s alluring voice, we get a healthy dose of 80s synths that give the track a retro-future vibe that seems to be so popular at the moment, perfectly complemented by stunning visuals in the music video. The production is atmospheric and electrifying, sending a constant tingle down our spine from start to finish.

Power exudes from both the video and track itself, and it is evident Violet Rose is on the rise. Just now starting to make a name for herself after years of hard work and education, we’re confident the now LA-based singer is on the brink of success. Keep an eye out for her debut album, with work from Grammy winning producers Jeremy McDonald (Beyonce) and Ryan Gilligan (Kanye West), out this Friday.

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