Vigiland surprised us a few days ago by releasing 3 new remixes for their classic tune ‘Pong Dance’, and we’re honestly hard-pressed to choose a favourite, so we’re giving you all 3 to listen to and decide for yourself!

The first remix comes from Weekenders, and starts with some really groovy guitar chords and raw vocals from the original track. This one has an almost country/grungey vibe to it, and is definitely a really different take on the original while still incorporating a lot of the electronic elements we love. We especially love how the vocals are so isolated, and then the drops focus more on deep, bass house vibes. Listen for yourself below!

Swanky Tunes delivered on their remix, and this one starts off with a really catchy, quirky melody that catches us off guard a little. The vocals slowly creep in on this one, but the underlying melody is never lost, and new sounds are constantly layered into it as well. Proving to be a really interesting and complex remix, what we really love about this one is the drops. Fast-paced and heavy, this one really gets our heart pounding.

And finally, the third remix comes to us from UK drum & bass duo GLXY, and if we had to pick a favourite remix, it would have to be this one. Leading with GLXY’s distinct drum and bass sound, and with a suspenseful build-up, the first drop blows us away with really smooth drumlines and faded out vocals that add to the sense of continuity created in this track. We love the playful feel produced by the distorted vocals and the repetitive bass, and the way the tempo changes definitely proves the insane talent behind this remix.

If you like what you’ve heard, you can grab the above remixes now!


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