Varien is back with another sci-fi inspired electro tune, ‘Mutiny’

Following the success of his Ghost in the Shell tribute, Varien is back with another insane tune

Bringing synthwave, electro music into the mainstream, Varien has continually wowed us with his varied and creative productions – ‘Mutiny’ is no different. Opening with an eerily energetic melody and pounding drums, Varien masterfully fills us with suspense, awaiting the madness to come.

Blending retro and future sounds together, Varien creates a unique atmosphere that takes us right to our favourite sci-fi film. ‘Mutiny’ is a call to adventure! We get some cool industrial sounds introduced as time goes on, adding to the futuristic vibes of the track. The track flows really well despite the constant introduction of new sounds – keeping us on our toes from start to finish.

Halfway through the track, a gentle, acoustic melody kicks in with a bit of an oriental flair, adding stark contrast to the heavier electronic sounds present in the rest of the track. Varien really quiets things down for the bridge, but never loses the atmosphere built from the moment we pressed play.

Things pick up again on a slightly darker note, and we notice each and every layer of his sound design. With so much going on, Varien still manages to produce a tune with a strong sense of cohesion – his vision is clear from the beginning and allows our imagination to run wild with the setting ‘Mutiny’ creates. We’re always excited to share new Varien on our channel, and ‘Mutiny’ certainly is no exception!

Grab the track here 

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