Dubstep: no other genre in the history of electronic music has experienced the same volatile trajectory

From phenomenal highs that influenced the entire electronic music landscape to dirty word lows that caused many inspired minds to leave the scene, the genre has endured a ride as wild as its own sonic characteristics…

Yet, throughout these highs and lows, UKF has been there. Supporting it passionately with its YouTube uploads, releases, global events and committed editorial support. Unashamedly celebrating every swaggering halftime beat and loin-girding bass dynamic since 2009; no other UK brand has been as consistently committed to the genre as UKF this decade, come rain or shine.

UKF’s seventh dubstep annual, ‘UKF Dubstep 2017’ is a testament to this support. Not just with a series of exceptional exclusive tracks but musically and texturally, the album represents and reminds you just how exciting dubstep is in the right hands. Accelerating away from the mainstream radar for several years has been the best thing that could possibly happen to dubstep, the genre has gone back to its roots to galvanise a new range of sounds, ideas, influences and styles, a refreshed energy and a new generation of young innovative talents all finding their own signature and sound… Something that’s sound that’s tangible with every single one of the 22 tracks on the album right from the breath-taking opening exclusive from KillSonik.

A cinematic slab of string-struck drama that sits at an unapologetic 7+ minutes, ‘Never Dream Of Dying’ is the act’s first original solo piece since 2013 and sets the moody for the slew of sizzling, seismic sounds that follow. This includes other on-point tracks that won’t be available on any other album: the sweet-touched garage influence and conscious message of Axel Boy’s ‘Days Gone’, the spine-rippling positivity of Mark The Beast’s ‘Silence’, the cloud-leaping fairy tale waviness of Siskiyou’s ‘When The Tide Comes’ and the obscene hair-raiser ‘Hydra’ by Gentlemens Club, an act who epitomise the healthy, fizzy and boundless state dubstep is in right about now and have taken the world by storm.

But the exclusives only tell part of the story; the entire mix hits with an excitement and energy from across the board: Noisia’s own sense-blurring take on their iconic ‘Tommy’s Theme’, Moody Good’s brittle, toxic sound design on his remix of ‘Get Deaded’, Virtual Riot’s elasticated electro euphoria on ‘Throwback’, the grime power of Ivory & Virus Syndicate’s summer smash ’93 Style’, Oliverse’s 2010-flavoured bouncy bass take onTchami’s ‘After Life’. We could be here listing every possible bass-bursting highlight but that would be spoiling the surprise when you press play.

No other genre has experienced the same volatile trajectory as dubstep. Then again, no other genre hits, stimulates and satisfies the dance with the same physical affect as dubstep. And 2017 has been a remarkable year for this. ‘UKF Dubstep 2017’ is out now and available on all download and streaming platforms. Enjoy…

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