TrollPhace has consistently shown us that he is a massive force to be reckoned with inside of bass music.

After collaborating with Skrillex on the incredible ‘Burial’ and a plethora of shows around the USA and the Europe – he is back with a stonkin’ EP on Never Say Die Records.

We kick the EP off with ‘The Boofage’ which quickly sets the tone with an eerie and atmospheric opening with a blaring siren that makes you feel you are in a horrifying Zombie setting like Silent Hill. It then builds energy and drops into a jaw clenching riddim with this vocal dynamic coming through from a heavy metal track that just works so well together.

Next up is, ‘Stop, Drop & Glob’. What the hell is a Glob? Either way, this track is quite contrasting but really nice to listen to. It has this epic sounding intro that makes you wanna grab the person next to you and shake them back and forth. It then builds into this amazing trap influenced drop that will keep you moving all night long.

We then move on to, ‘Optimal Flavour Zone’ which offers some variation to the other two on the EP. This one sounds absolutely massive and is definitely one we are going to hear in people’s sets for the next few months! The groove just keeps you moving and the sound design is infectious.

Last on the EP we have a remix by Badklaat of ‘Stop, Drop & Glob’ that offers a heavier black label sound that offers a more aggressive flavour of the original. Both are equally as good as each other and we’re having a hard time picking a favourite over the two.

The Everything Is Terrible EP is OUT NOW on Never Say Die Records.

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