It’s Black Friday and most of us are crawling around the internet to look for those ridiculous price slashes that leave you questioning the sanity of society. NSD: Black Label have seriously treated us this thanksgiving – and we’re super excited!

Kick-starting with Trampa, Black Label will be giving us a free track every single friday for the rest of their existence. That’s right, a free track every single Friday. You guys spoil us!

‘Runners’ by Trampa is an absolutely huge track that has been rattling dancefloors across the globe. It starts off fairly ambient with a vocal chop “Run that shit back” being teased with the build. It then drops into a ridiculously huge banger that you’re definitely going to want to stick it in your sets – and you might as well start now as it is 100% free.

Pick it up here for free courtesy of NSD: Black Label & Trampa.

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