Ahh, Torqux. For those of you not familiar with the infamous Torqux – now’s your chance to. They (Jimmy and Dave) also make house under Tru Fonix and have an uncanny ability to integrate a well-engineered neuro sound into almost any genre without it sounding like a flat distorted mess. Today we are blessed with a new riddim-style track on NSD: Black Label titled, ‘The Pit’.

It starts off with your basic drum pattern and atmosphere that we should all be well-familiar with now but very quickly turns a corner with the quote, “Just say the word and we’ll jump into the suicide pit” from American Dad, which slaps a grin straight on your face. What then follows is this very wonky, but intricate, top end synth that makes you question what else is in your drink.

The track itself isn’t anything ground-breakingly new, but the sound design and engineering are a testament to the difference a decent mixdown and samples can make when crafting a track. All-in-all the track is faultless with a consistent groove, catchy bassline and sound design all wrapped up into one neat track.

It’s great to see Torqux back around again – we can’t wait to see what he has in-store for us this year and eagerly await his next Tru Fonix release too.

‘The Pit’ by Torqux is OUT NOW as a FREE DOWNLOAD from NSD: Black Label. 

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