Last week, we counted down our top 5 favourite videos from Never Say Die, but now it’s time to countdown the 5 best music videos from the legendary OWSLA, featuring tunes from Skrillex, Getter, and more. Kicking us off is the newest release from the label, and quickly one of our favourites, I Do Coke by Kill The Noise & Feed Me.

#5: Kill The Noise & Feed Me – I Do Coke

This satirical party anthem from the legendary duo definitely took us by surprise when it dropped earlier this year, but its catchy beats and edgy video are what earned a spot in our top 5 this week. As the name suggests, the video is all about the party scene and features hot babes and more blow than you’ve (probably) ever seen. Things start to get a little weird (in typical OWSLA video fashion) when the club walls fall down and unnaturally bendy cheerleaders appear alongside a giant nose/coke rocket, but we love it anyways.

#4: Yogi & Skrillex – Burial (feat. Pusha T, Moody Good, TrollPhace)

Coming in at number 4 this week is the ever popular track ‘Burial’, which, if you went to any shows in 2015, you will be sure to know by heart. Our favourite part about this video is definitely the choreography – we’re not sure how they’re able to move their bodies like that, but damn does it make for an awesome video.

#3: Point Point – Life in Grey

This short film is nothing short of beautiful, albeit hard to watch at times. A powerful narrative about generation Y, it depicts the struggles facing many young people through the story of a young girl trying to create a perfect work of art. Slightly disturbing but still stunning on all levels, this video from director Jodeb is well deserving of our number 3 spot on this week’s countdown.

#2: Getter – Rip n Dip

The sequel to the equally insane ‘Head Splitter’, Getter is back at it again with his trippiest video yet. Nick Colletti, half the genius who brought us “Suh Dude” stars in this one, where a trip to Grim Jim’s Burgers ends in some seriously weird shit. We’re not really sure what’s going on in this video, but we love the blend of animation and real life that almost makes us feel as if we’re tripping just by watching it. The song itself is amazing, but the video only makes it better – thank you Getter! Bonus points if you can spot the subtle “suh dude” in the video!

#1: Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low

Although this is definitely the strangest music video we have seen since Rubber Johnny, this video has absolutely blown up in 2016 and is deserving of this week’s number one spot. Shot on location in Tokyo, there aren’t really a lot of words to describe this video other than weirdly distorted body parts moving in rhythm to what is one of the catchiest tunes of 2015, but watch it for yourself to see what we mean. Also look out for a wild Skrillex appearance, oh, and did we mention tentacles?

The diverse talent at OWSLA definitely made it hard to choose only 5 videos, and if you’re looking for more from the label, check out their other videos here. For our other favourites, check out our Top 5 from Circus Records and Never Say Die, and be sure to check back next week to see who we cover next!

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