Our Top 5 Favourite Music Videos come to you this week from GRiZ’s All Good Records

This week, we’re counting down our Top 5 favourite music videos from All Good Records, founded by future funk electronica artist GRiZ and featuring music from The Geek x VRV, SunSquabi, and more

SunSquabi – Odyssey feat. GRiZ

Released on SunSquabi’s breakout EP earlier this summer, ‘Odyssey’ is another favourite video from All Good, featuring label owner GRiZ himself. The three member group from Colorado pay tribute to their hometown with this video with help from Level 1 Productions, a winter sports production company based in Denver.

Combining electronic music with that funky, soulful jam sound, ‘Odyssey’ showcases not only the beauty of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, but of the genre itself. With GRiZ on the saxophone, this track is full of groovy vibes that are guaranteed to get you moving. Showcasing the best of Colorado’s skiing, both on the slopes and on the streets, we’re so in love with this video!

The Geek x VRV – Origami

‘Origami’ is perhaps one of the most aesthetically pleasing videos we’ve ever seen. Weird in all the best ways, the video carries some distinctly retro 90s vibes, bright colours, and a whimsical atmosphere that has us hooked! Despite just about everything in the video being incredibly weird, there’s something still strangely comforting about it that we can’t quite put our finger on.

The visuals are the perfect accompaniment to what is an absolutely solid track from The Geek x VRV. With hip-hop vibes aplenty, this melodic, mid-tempo tune is a true work of art. The pastel colours appearing in the video match the tone of track perfectly – mellow and bright at the same time. ‘Origami’ definitely stands out as a favourite from the label!

GriZ feat. Leo Napier – Before I Go

Of course, our list of favourite videos wouldn’t be complete without at least one track from label head GRiZ. ‘Before I Go’ got a special live rendition from vocalist Leo Napier that we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share!

Leo Napier’s live rendition is so incredibly powerful with vocals that give meaning to the word soulful. We absolutely love the original, but seeing the passion in Leo Napier’s delivery has us falling in love all over again. GRiZ found the absolute perfect vocalist for this track, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

Freddy Todd – Tanson

Combining glitch, jazz, psychedelic funk, intergalactic bass and a whole lot else, Freddy Todd’s ‘Tanson’ is another favourite. With a pretty quirky video that definitely leaves itself open to interpretation, the story is goofy but still manages to fit the tone of the track really well.

Not quite as weird as ‘Origami’ but still up there, we chose this video as one of our favourites simply for the fact that it had our full attention from start to finish. Although we’re still not entirely sure what’s going on, the video is fun to watch and the track itself is super catchy, and we love the raw creativity!

GRiZ – Smash the Funk

Finishing off our list is a video from the one and only GRiZ. We chose this video, not just because it’s one of our favourite GRiZ tracks, but because we feel it captures all the fun energy and groovy vibes that this electronica future funk artist is all about! The video is all about the journey GRiZ has taken over the past few years, and it’s seriously incredible.

Featuring footage from sold out shows in Boulder, Denver, and the famous Red Rocks, this video also captures the energy present in his music that is one of our favourite things about GRiZ. Seeing the impact his music has on his fans is really powerful, and is the reason this track made it to our number one spot this week!

2016 has been such a huge year for All Good Records! Following the release of the Freshly Baked compilation (featuring the ‘Wobble Masters VIP’ from Ganja White Night) you can expect to hear a lot more new music from the label in the near future! Some recent highlights you’ll want to check out are:

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