Last week, we counted down our Top 5 Kannibalen favourites. This week, we’ll be counting down our favourites from Disciple Recordings, starting off with this classic from Dodge & Fuski, who helped start the label alongside Rossy from Astronaut!

#5: Dodge & Fuski – Bringing Wobble Back

We love this video because it has booty, Splitbreed and a nun, and what else is there? Not only does it have beautiful babes galore, but their dance moves are on point and make this dirty track even better. It just wouldn’t be a Top 5 without some black and white booty action!

#4: Astronaut – Apollo

The first in Astronaut’s series of spacey animated videos, this one tells the story of our beloved astronaut prince out to rescue his red haired princess. Of course, things are never that easy as the video follows the protagonist on his race around the universe in search of his beloved.

#3: Barely Alive – Elephant

This animated video for the classic dubstep tune ‘Elephant’ shows the frustrations of an elephant trapped in a 9-5 office job, and what happens next is quite unexpected. This elephant is on a rampage, shooting men in the eye and only stopping for tacos. This rambunctious elephant then goes on to face an epic battle against the feared internet, but who will win? Watch below to find out!

#2: Astronaut – Witchcraft

The fourth in their animated series, this video shows the imprisonment of our beloved space prince leading up to his transformation before the planet experiences all out warfare. Enlisting the help of the bee-like Vespas, our hero sets off again in search of his princess, but you’ll have to watch below to find out what happens next!

#1: Virtual Riot – Mr. Mittens Groove

The only thing we love more than groovy dubstep tunes are cats on the internet, so when we saw that this video had both, we couldn’t contain our excitement. In his self-titled track, Mr. Mittens makes his debut while showing us not only the work that went in to making the track, but also his sick dance moves. Honestly this video is everything we ever wanted from Virtual Riot, earning it this week’s number one spot.

Be sure not to miss next week’s countdown, and check out our favourites from OWSLA, Circus, Never Say Die and more!






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