For this week’s countdown, we’ll be choosing our favourite videos from Buygore Records, and kicking us off is the owner of the label himself, Borgore.

#5: Borgore X Getter – Squad feat. Dahn Farro

This epic collab with Getter has an even more epic music video, featuring Dahn Farro and the ultimate #squadgoals. This video has babes, booze, and party vibes galore, as well as Getter’s signature psychedelic animations thrown in for good measure. Also featured are plenty of waterguns, pizza, and Spongebob Squarepants – we’re not really sure what’s going on, but we love it. Think you know a thing about the squad?

#4: Waxx – Save Us

‘Save Us’ is a short film by Waxx about what we can only assume is a rather strange acid trip (although compared to some of the things we’ve seen in our favourite OWSLA videos, this seems pretty mild). In this oddly romantic video, we follow Waxx on his adventure with a mysterious girl, and eventually end up in a pretty strange place full of plastic babies and bananas. Yeah, you’re gonna want to just watch this one for yourself.

#3: Rain Man feat Sirah – Visionary

This visionary video (see what we did there?) for this classic hit from Rain Man is the perfect accompaniment to the song. Sirah is looking fine as always, and we’re obsessed with that makeup! We love how the effect of the smoke created by the use of black and white, and the dancing silhouette adds to the atmosphere. Plus, what video isn’t made better by a cat, especially the silky black panther in this one?

#2: Stereoliez feat. Gravity & Ceri – STEEZE

As weird as this video from Stereoliez is, we made it our number two this week because of the crazy outifts, makeup and special effects. We love the beautiful cuts of nature mixed in with scenes of fresh ink and wonky dance moves – overall, this video just has a lot of really stunning visuals that come together with the music perfectly.

#1: Borgore & Sikdope – Space Kitten Invasion

And of course, number one had to be Borgore & Sikdope’s classic ‘Space Kitten Invasion’. Is anything really better than animated cats with lasers? We didn’t think so either. We love epic space battles in music videos, and when you throw cats in to the mix, it’s beyond perfect. Giant flying robot space cat that launches cats as weapons towards other cats driving tanks, need we say more? Oh yeah, also illuminati.

Be sure to come back next week for our next Top 5 countdown, and check out any of your favourites we may have missed from Disciple, Circus, Never Say Die and more!

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