Axel Boy delivers breaks-house-electro-dubstep madness with ‘Sync to the Beat’

Straight out of Bristol, this young and talented producer has blown us away with his latest release, ‘Sync to the Beat’. With a colourful retro flair, Axel Boy has shown us a whole new side to his sound, and we couldn’t be more impressed. Staying true to his vibrant but bass heavy sound, Axel Boy demonstrates his versatility and creativity with this tune, and it’s quite unlike anything we’ve heard before. Definitely not one to miss!

The track starts off instantly vibrant, colourful sounds filling the room, building up into an 90s-breaks infused spacey melody that is ridiculously catchy. There are so many sounds weaving in and out of each other, all under the blanket of flawless sound design. Different vocal samples cut in and out, adding a layer of depth to the track, building up to a surprisingly filthy drop.

Axel Boy makes it hard to pin the track down to any one genre, but it definitely carries his trademark sounds with a whole new reimagining. The drop is filthy yet delicate at the same time somehow, and everything sounds perfectly crisp alongside that heavy bass. There’s such an infectious energy present here, carrying us out of the drop into more upbeat melodies.

Each sound used is given time to develop into something more, giving the track so much depth and creating a really immersive sound. There’s such a huge variety of sounds at play here as well, defying easy classification. Axel Boy showers us in creativity with this track! There’s all sorts of fun robot sound in here too, and we can’t help but dance along a little bit.

Vibrant but still heavy, we’re in love with ‘Sync to the Beat’. Fun and upbeat and exuding creativity, we really can’t get enough! Axel Boy has once again demonstrated his incredible mastery of yet another genre, this time fusing breaks, house, electro, dubstep and more into the explosive package that is ‘Sync to the Beat’.

The best part is? Axel Boy has graciously given us this track as a free download

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