Every Thursday, we’re going to be giving you a short playlist full of some of our favourite throwbacks. As much as we love featuring new music on MA, we also love sharing those tunes that never get old, so tune in for a trip down memory lane with us!

Starting us off this week is our most popular upload EVER, the hit single from Krewella, ‘Come & Get It’. It’s no wonder this tune has over 5 million views – catchy lyrics over an energized drum and bass beat make this one of our all-time favourite tracks!

Another favourite of ours comes from MUST DIE! (who you can catch playing this summer at our next MA Event!) and is a classic dubstep track that dropped just over 3 years ago on Firepower Records. A chiller track but still with those heavy MUST DIE! breakdowns, you can see why we’re still listening to this one 3 years later.

And who could ever forget this absolutely insane tune from bass gods Excision and Space Laces?! Catchy from the beginning, this track wastes no time building up to an absolutely epic first drop. Full of actual real life robots and insanely heavy bass, this track definitely leaves us destroid, even 3 years since its release.

‘Limitless’ starts off with those innocent ukulele vibes and then leaves us absolutely smashed after the first drop – tracks like these are why we still listen to dubstep. Spag Heddy & EH!DE are truly a match made in heaven, and this collab proves it without a doubt. This track is all over the place, and we love it. Heavy bass paired with calming melodies make this an all-time favourite worthy of this week’s #tbt!

And of course, one of our all-time favourite tunes comes from the man, the myth, the legend: Circus Records’ founder Doctor P. ‘Shishkabob’ is a quirky dubstep tune that has truly stood the test of time, and by that we mean we still get excited every time we hear this one come on! Full of Doctor P’s now signature wobbley, dance floor ready bass and harmonic breakdowns, this track is still just as amazing as the first time we heard it.

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