It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for this week’s throwback playlist! We love digging through the archives of our favourite old tunes, and we hope you’ll enjoy it just as much as we do. Last week we had a lot of huge tunes from Krewella, Doctor P, Feed Me, and more, but this week’s playlist kicks off with this massive tune from KOAN Sound!

This super fun, upbeat glitch hop track dropped on OWSLA in early 2012, and we’ve loved it ever since! It starts with such a refreshing, positive melody, and we love those funky, jazzy vibes. This is definitely one of our all-time favourite tracks to get our groove on to! This was a pretty revolutionary song when it came out, and there’s still nothing else quite like it out there. We seriously love KOAN Sound’s unique blend of jazz in dubstep – absolutely timeless and still as good as the first time we heard it.

2012 was definitely the year for really filthy dubstep, and this one is no exception. Destroid and Space Laces came together to produce this really menacing, dark track, and we still can’t quite get it out of our heads. We fell for that threatening intro, and stayed for the annihilating bass. This is such a powerful track, and definitely gets us revved up. The drops are so crazy, and definitely makes us miss 2012 just a little bit. You can certainly still catch us fist bumping to this one on the regular.

Another enduring favourite is Zomboy’s ‘Here To Stay’ featuring Lady Chann. This one’s gotten a lot of fun remixes over the years, but we’ll always remember the insanity of the first time we heard the original. We love the vocals on this one, and the lyrics are so catchy! The reggae influences make this such a perfect song for summer. And of course, Zomboy’s signature drops always leave us breathless! This track dropped in early 2013 on Never Say Die, but it’s definitely here to stay.

Dropping at the end of 2012 was SKisM’s remix of Far Too Loud’s ‘600 Years’, and it’ll definitely be played for at least that long. We honestly love everything SKisM does, and this remix is no exception. That catchy harmony just before the drop is what had us hooked all those years ago, and it still gets stuck in our head from time to time. We love the raw sound of the bass in the drop, and the variety of melodies that flow in and out so flawlessly! Good remixes like this will always be pumpin’ through our speakers.

And finally, wrapping up this week’s Throwback Thursday is Tristam’s ‘Shine’. This gentle tune starts out with that beautiful piano melody and slowly builds up into something a little bit heavier. The faded vocals add a certain mysterious yet calming element, but there’s definitely no shortage of bass here, either. We love the duality of the airy melody and heavy, 2012 dubstep drops on this one, and aren’t surprised to see it has over a million views on YouTube already!

If you enjoyed this short selection of some of our favourite older tunes, be sure to follow our #TBT playlist on Spotify for even more timeless classics, and check out last week’s compilation too!

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