The theme for this week’s Throwback Thursday playlist is VIPs, and we’ve got quite an impressive list

VIP stands for variance in production, and is basically a remix of a track done by the original artist. This can often mean changing the genre of the track entirely, or just tweaking certain elements – any variance in production is covered. This week, we’ll be sharing 5 of our favourite VIPs from over the years – read on to see if your favourites made the cut,  and be sure to check out our Spotify playlist for more of our favourites!

Modigs – Pixels VIP

Kicking us of this week is the VIP for Modig’s ‘Pixels’, a name you may not have heard in a while. We uploaded this track over 4 years ago, not long after the release of the original. This is a pretty upbeat dubstep track with a lot of pixel-y vibes, as the name would suggest.

Driven by that chiming melody, this one definitely takes us back to 2012. With quirky sounds reminding us of old school video games and just the right amount of bass, this rework of the original sounds like an entirely different track, but that’s one of the glorious things about VIPs.

Barely Alive & Datsik – Candy Kids VIP

Next up is the VIP for ‘Candy Kids’, the groovy dubstep track from Barely Alive and Datsik. This one demonstrates how a reorganizing of the original elements can drastically change the sound of the track overall – notice the vocal samples used right at the beginning as well as that familiar Middle Eastern flair.

While some of the melodies remain the same, the way they are cut into the song is different, and the underlying rhythm is changed, too, which creates a totally different sound. While there are obviously going to be similarities between the original and the VIP (just as with any remix), VIPs give the artists a lot of freedom to experiment with other paths the track could have taken, and the results can be pretty cool.

Snails – King is Back feat. King Ali (Snails & Ghastly VIP)

Although this track is only a little over a year old, it’s another perfect example of a VIP that is completely different from the original while still keeping a lot of familiar elements. It’s also an example of a VIP where another artist is involved, which doesn’t happen often but can lead to some pretty cool results.

This VIP keeps the same vocals from the original, but changes the tempo of the song completely. While the original is a dubstep tune, Snails and Ghastly have reworked this VIP with some electro house vibes, which gives the song a completely different sound.

Dodge & Fuski – Python VIP

Up next is the VIP for Dodge & Fuski’s ‘Python’. This one opens with a vocal sample to make it clear it is, in fact, a VIP, but it becomes pretty obvious once you give it a listen. While the original dropped in 2011, we didn’t get this VIP until 2013 – sometimes, artists hold on to VIPs to play out at shows, or wait to revisit old tracks years later.

Dodge & Fuski really play with the pitches on this one to create a different sound, and distort a lot of the original sounds to create something completely different. A playful take on the original, the drops are pretty different too which really make it feel like a new song. VIPs are also great because they build hype over already released material, but also remind us how much we love the original! We’re constantly torn between picking favourites again, just as we are with remixes.

LAXX – Threat VIP

Last up on this week’s list is the VIP for LAXX’s classic ‘Threat’. This VIP is one of our all time favourites, and really highlights LAXX’s skills as a producer. The genre stays the same, but he manages to completely change the energy of the track with what at first seem like pretty subtle changes. This was another VIP we had to wait about a year for, but it was well worth it in the end.

LAXX added a lot of depth on top of the original track, almost as if it were a remastering of the original. ‘Threat’ is an example of where more sounds were added and layered into the original to create a new sound, as well as certain elements being changed completely.

That’s it for this week’s Throwback Thursday playlist, but if you want to hear more of our old favourites, be sure to check out last week‘s playlist which was all about the remixes! And make sure you’re following us on Spotify to hear our weekly #TBT playlist. This week we have 10 of our favourite VIPs from over the years, but be sure to come back next week for a new list of favourites!

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