This week, the theme for our Throwback Thursday playlist is remixes

Across the entire bass music scene, remixes are constantly popping up for just about every tune – it’s a great way to revive our favourite tunes, and fosters some serious creativity from a lot of producers, big and small. We always hate trying to decide if the original or the remix is better, simply because there are so many amazing remixes being made every day!

In our eyes, a good remix pays respect to the original tune by using some of the same elements, but adds a unique twist, whether it be by changing the genre, speed, or even the atmosphere of the track, or sometimes just by mixing in a producer’s own distinct sounds. Listen to five of our favourite remixes from over the years below, and find more in our #TBT Playlist on Spotify!

Zeds Dead & The Killabits – Bassmentality (Figure Remix)

Kicking off our Throwback Thursday playlist this week is our first EVER upload on MA Music (back when we were still MA Dubstep). Figure did this remix for Zeds Dead & The Killabits’ ‘Bassmentality’ almost 5 years ago, but it’s definitely stood the test of time. With strong dubstep vibes that were characteristic of the early 2010s, this track is heavy from start to finish.

The intro gets our hearts pounding from the second we hit play, and no time is wasted getting to that first drop. That all too familiar melody brings back all sorts of memories, but it’s the growling drops that really makes this tune stand out after all these years. Hearing this definitely fills us with nostalgia, and makes us miss what many might consider the golden age of dubstep. Take a trip down memory lane with us and listen to the ‘Bassmentality’ below!

Korn feat. Skrillex – Get Up (Shy Kidx Remix)

Who else remembers when Skrillex worked with Korn back in 2011? Truly one of the most monumental collabs of all time, we still get excited when ‘Get Up’ comes up on shuffle. To make things even better, Shy Kidx did this remix back in January 2012 which had us excited all over again! We love that glitchy intro with those chopped up vocals from Jonathan Davis – definitely pays homage to the original masterpiece while still adding a unique twist.

That first drop is so insane, fusing together Skrillex’s distinct sound with Shy Kidx’s own. You can clearly hear elements from each artist involved, which is what every remix should be able to do. That dark twist in the second minute makes things even crazier, and that second drop is mad! With three huge names attached to this, it’s hard to believe we featured this track over 4 years ago, but with over 300,000 views, it’s clearly still just as popular as ever.

Snoop Dogg & Whiz Khalifa – Young, Wild & Free (Karetus Remix)

Another thing we love about remixes is their ability to change the genre of a track. For example, Karetus was able to completely transform this popular Snoop Dogg and Whiz Khalifa track into a bangin’ dubstep tune, an impressive feat that also makes a lot of music more accessible to different audiences. We’ve discovered a lot of our favourite tunes through hearing remixes, and this one is no exception! Karetus kept a lot of the familiar vocals from the original tune, but completely redesigned the rest of the soundscape, and the end result is massive!

The track kicks off with a strong electronic melody that is only slightly reminiscent of the original, but when the lyrics start to come in to play, it’s easily recognizable as ‘Young, Wild & Free’. Doing remixes for such big tracks is also a great way for up and coming producers to get exposure (this track has over a million views, which is huge for Karetus!). People are attracted by the big name attached, but walk away as fans of a new artist or even genre, and that’s the beautiful thing about remixes!

Knife Party – Fire Hive (Krewella Remix)

Remixes are also a great way for big names within the industry to work together, which can result in some really unique blends of sounds. For example, Krewella remixed this iconic Knife Party track – both artists have really distinct sounds, so when the two come together, it results in absolutely massive tunes! And there are few things better for fans than when one of your favourite artists does a remix for another favourite.

For the remix, Krewella lent their vocal talent to the mix, which instantly highlights their distinct sound. Without even seeing a track name, you’ll know right away who made this remix. However, they still manage to keep Knife Party’s distinct sounds in the mix too, so neither artist are overshadowed but rather fused together perfectly. It takes a lot of skill to find that balance, but Krewella have demonstrated it perfectly with their remix of ‘Fire Hive’.

Fabio Lendrum – Anything’s Possible (Cookie Monsta Remix)

Finishing up this week’s throwback selection is the Cookie Monsta remix of Fabio Lendrum’s ‘Anything’s Possible’. One of the most prominent names in dubstep when this was released in 2012, this remix shows how remixes can also fuse together two entirely different sounds yet still be really cohesive. Cookie Monsta is known for his really distinct wobbles, which he melds seamlessly into the original tune, which is a lot more mellow.

If anything, this remix definitely does show us that anything is possible, and that’s another one of our favourite things about remixes in this industry. Although this track is now almost 4 years old, it definitely stands out as one of our favourites still.

Listen to the rest of our favourite throwback remixes on our #TBT Spotify Playlist, updated weekly! Be sure to check out our last selection too for more of our favourites, and come back next week if you’re feeling nostalgic!

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