Kicking off this week’s trip down memory lane is this old school tune from Pegboard Nerds. After hitting 20k followers, they released this one back in December 2012. Of course, 4 years later they have well over 10 times as many followers, but that makes this one feel even more nostalgic! We love the sampling in this one as it definitely shows their gratitude to their fans, and of course, it’s as funky as it is heavy. The Middle Eastern vibes that come in at the beginning give it a unique flavour, and the drops are as insane as we remember.

On the more melodic side of things is this classic tune from Nero, ‘Won’t You (Be There)’. It has the passionate vocals and endearing lyrics we have come to love from the duo, but with those really unique drops that have become a part of their signature sound. This one takes a while to build up to the first drop, giving time to develop the melody and place that extra emphasis on the vocals, too. All around a really timeless tune that we’re sure to be listening to for many years to come!

Just a little over 2 years ago, MA premiered this track from Circus Records’ own The McMash Clan, and we can’t believe how quickly time has flown by since this release! It feels like only yesterday we heard it for the first time, trying to wrap our heads around what genre it was. Infusing elements of trap, dubstep, and hardstyle, this is one seriously awesome track. 2 years later and we’ve still not heard anything quite like it! ‘Shadow Dance’ really blew us away then, and we’re just as impressed with it now. True masters of production, The McMash Clan never disappoint!

Another favourite is Ray Volpe’s ‘Machine’, which just turned 2 years old this spring.  As the name suggests, we get a lot of really cool robot-sounding bass effects in this one, and it ends up being a really heavy tune. A real head-banger, this one definitely delivers. Although it came out in 2014, this one definitely takes us back to a lot of old school dubstep, and we love it! Ray Volpe definitely smashed this, and we’re excited to hear he’s releasing more new dubstep tracks this year!

Finishing off this week’s #TBT selection is this melodic tune from Illenium & Said The Sky. Definitely two masters of the genre, this is one of the most atmospheric tracks we have ever heard. Said The Sky’s musical prowess is apparent, as is Illenium’s unique sound, and the two work together perfectly on ‘Drop Our Hearts (Pt. II)’. The vocals are so soothing, and the emphasis on the melody makes this track stand out as a true thing of beauty. We always end our nights with a bit of melodic dub, and this is a sure favourite.

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