It’s Thursday, which means it’s once again time for our weekly Throwback Thursday playlist.

Last week, we featured hits from Nero, Said The Sky and more. This week, we’ve got the Liquid Stranger remix of Noisia’s classic tune ‘Friendly Intentions’ kicking us off.

This dark, drumstep tune definitely takes us back to summer of 2012 when we first heard this one. We love the ominous vocal samples in the beginning that add to those sci-fi vibes. Liquid Stranger have definitely added their own unique twist to this classic, but while still keeping a lot of the familiarity of the original. In other words, this is the perfect remix!

We definitely hear some neuro elements in this one as well, and the glitch vibes add to that apocalyptic feeling. This is such a cool reimaging of Noisia’s original, and we still can’t get over it, even 4 years later. We still hear this one dropped at shows from time to time, and trust us, we go just as hard now as we did the first time, and that’s not likely to change!

Next up is ak9’s ‘Don’t You Know’. Starting with those really stunning vocals and upbeat, pitched up melody, we are instantly mesmerized. The lyrics are sweet and delivered superbly, and add a really peaceful quality to the build-up.

The drop is what really stands out to us after all these years, though. Definitely a heavy one with some real insanity, and yet with those exquisite vocals cutting through to add to the sense of continuity. We love how ak9 plays with the contrast between high pitches and that low, heavy bass. ‘Don’t You Know’ definitely stands out as a favourite from 2013, and will surely be for years to come!

This next track comes from Jarvis, and turns 3 years old this month. This groovy dubstep track starts off with a really enchanting, peaceful melody, but as soon as we hear the basslines kick in in the background, we know that’s about to change. The drop is so different from anything we had heard in 2013, and still stands out today as being really unique. We love how the melody stays almost intact, yet that fast-paced bass layers over it to create a really interesting effect. Jarvis has always had our respect for pioneering his own unique sounds, and this track is no exception!

As much as we fangirled over this release back in 2014, we’re definitely hyped all over again for it, especially after the recent release of Pokémon Go. ‘Pocket Monsters’ is EH!DE and YourFuckingMother’s tribute to the franchise, and it couldn’t be any more perfect. We love how they paid homage to that all too familiar melody from the games in the beginning, but still managed to incorporate heavy bass and some incredible drops as well.

The two producers have really proven how well our childhood theme songs were meant to mesh with our favourite music today, and we couldn’t be more grateful. You’ll definitely recognize more than a few familiar melodies in this one, and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t instantly filled with deep nostalgia. But even if you somehow managed to avoid playing any of the Pokémon games growing up, this is still an insane tune on its own!

Last but not least is this classic tune from Eptic. As hyped as we were about his new Overlord EP earlier this summer, we’ll never quite get over ‘Gun Finga’ either. We’ve shamelessly had this as our ringtone for almost 3 years now! The intro has that videogame quality to it we nerds love, and it’s so insanely catchy that we can’t help but listen to it on the daily.

Eptic is certainly the master of suspenseful build-ups, but even more so of unique and complex drops. This one has that really deep bass that adds some groovy vibes, but still with that rapid-fire gun finger effect that we’ve been craving ever since this release. As soon as we hear this track, it’s stuck in our heads for the rest of the day, but you won’t hear us complaining.

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