With a release on our very own MA Records, Tryple has just given us his latest tune, ‘Borderline’, and trust us when we say it’s something special

With a vibrant, cinematic introduction, Tryple playfully combines a strong, positive piano melody with some slightly more foreboding sounds. Cheerful and energetic, you can really hear the talent that went into the arrangement of the track. The vibes on the track are ever so slightly eerie, but with a real sense of purpose and elegance that makes it truly infectious.

There’s an almost glam-rock feel to the track at times with the use of synths, adding a retro vibe to the track that’s actually really refreshing. Tryple takes a long time building up to the drop, but the result is a really intricate and thoughtful piece of music. As much as we love the chaotic side of dubstep, Tryple proves that there is a much more elegant side to the genre as well, helping it to really stand out from a lot of dubstep coming out recently.

Of course, the drop still carries the right amount of chaos and evil robot noises, but again, the arrangement is what really stands out. Despite chopping so many different sounds, the way everything comes together is a real testament to Tryple’s skills as a producer. The flow of the track really is impeccable, masterfully weaving a wide variety of different sounds together.

There’s some really quirky, rather unusual sounds here, which also speaks volumes to Tryple’s sound design. That fusion of cinematic melodies, gritty bass, and more upbeat, chirpy sounds gives ‘Borderline’ such a unique sound and we can’t get enough!

Be sure to grab your copy of ‘Borderline’ now, out on MA Records

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