Straight outta Tokyo is Tha Boogie Bandit, obliterating speakers everywhere with his latest single, ‘Crazy’

Appropriately named, this hybrid trap tune destroys everything in its path, and then some. This LA-native DJ who is now resident at some of Japan’s hottest nightclubs brings an international flair to trap music, and we can’t get enough of his unique sound. With an impressive background in guitar, drums, and even breakdancing, Tha Boogie Bandit has forged a sound quite unlike anything we’ve heard before.

The tune is high energy right from the start, with thumping bass and vocal samples that get the adrenaline pumping. There’s definitely an ominous sense of something coming, especially with that perfectly dramatic build-up. We know things are about to get heavy, but nothing could prepare us for that drop.

The drop is organized chaos at its best. A wide variety of nasty sounds are used, cut between moments of pure bass that adds a real intensity to the track. The drop hits hard, and is everything we love about hybrid trap.

Things slow down, building back up on that slightly darker melody that was teased before. The next build-up is shorter but no less intense, but the second drop is what really gave the track its name. Things get seriously crazy, a drum and bass flair thrown in to this high-speed, high impact drop. Just when we think we’ve recovered, another filthy hybrid drop hits, and we get our best bass faces out once more.

The track ends with a slightly tribal flair, with that same raw energy that was present from the start. The drum thumping matches our own heartbeat – this is the perfect hype track! If ever a track deserved to be called ‘Crazy’, it’s this. Tha Boogie Bandit has really blown us away with his filthy yet flawless production, and we have a feeling there’s a lot more to see from this producer!

Grab ‘Crazy’ now, available for free download from Hybrid Trap.  

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