Teminite & PsoGnar are two names that you should be well familiar with if you’re a fan of brostep. The pair are both huge in their own right, so it only makes sense that they both come together to deliver one MASSIVE new track called ‘Lion’s Den’.

The intro is testament to any of Teminite’s tracks. A wonderful landscape of melody and atmosphere with Dustin’s vocals being the icing on the cake. It lulls you into a false sense of security as you think it’s going to drop into a Marshmellow or Slushii influenced drop.

We were mistaken. Full anxiety attack springs to mind when the track drops as it literally comes out of seemingly nowhere. The amount of energy in the drop is awesome and the sound design is absolutely on point.

The second drop has a lovely progression from the first which is nice as a lot of producers will just copy paste their first drop. It’s those small attention to details that really come together and add to the already impressive musical arsenal of weapons under Teminite & PsoGnar’s sleeves.

Lion’s Den by Teminite & PsoGnar is OUT NOW as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

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