TC is a household name for all drum & bass fans, and he’s had a string of exciting announcements within the past month alone

Last week, drum & bass legend TC released not only his new album, ‘Unleash the Wolves’ , but all the stems along with it. And as if that wasn’t enough, he’s also announced a remix opportunity, which you can find more about here TC stated his reasons for giving away such valuable material as follows:

“From the moment I set out to make “Unleash The Wolves” I wanted to continue in the spirit of many of my other tracks by giving away the parts to the whole album. I love hearing your remixes so much and if I can help encourage creativity of any kind then it just has to be worthwhile! I call it open source music and I invite you to unleash your remix.”

Pretty cool! The renowned producer, singer, and DJ also took to Reddit to answer questions from the fans on a wide variety of topics, not limited to just his music. In his Q&A session, he revealed his Pokémon Go team alliance (Instinct), his top 5 favourite DnB tracks of all time, crazy tour experiences, and much more. TC, who has influenced many of us, named Andy C, Dillinja, and Rob Swire as some of his biggest inspirations, among many other names.

Photo of TC

TC photography by Chelone Wolf

TC also hinted at some possible future collaborations and shared some of the secrets behind his mixdown process. He also left some valuable insights to other aspiring producers out there, telling them:

“Make as many tunes as you can but also make sure they are a great quality, Persist, keep going no matter what just keep putting out releases. put together your own packages as in art and videos etc and then just take it to labels, what label would turn down 2 great tunes with art and vids and everything done and ready to drop. ohyeah and don’t put out every tune you make. you will know when the right tunes come along use people will be begging you for them”

TC is a brave soul for opening himself up the internet on Reddit, but it definitely makes for an interesting read. Humble, helpful, and exceedingly gracious, TC truly is role model for not just aspiring producers, but any music fans. He embodies all of the best qualities of the drum & bass scene, something that is evident in everything he does. Check out the full Q&A here and be sure to grab ‘Unleash the Wolves’, out now! 







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