If there’s one artist in Drum & Bass that has some of the most played out and well-known tracks – it’s Brookes Brothers. Brookes Brothers are made up of Dan and Phil Brookes from London and together they have produced some of the most beautiful tracks ever. We caught up with them in an exclusive interview earlier this month. 

The boys have just released their ‘Orange Lane LP‘ on Viper Recordings and it is absolutely spectacular. Each track just builds on the last vibe whilst taking you in a fresh direction each time. Every detail has been meticulously poured over to ensure it works and none of the singers sounds stretched to fit the track.

Pulling in tonnes of influence from all over the place, there’s a bit of 80s, 90s, jungle, tropical – you name it and its in here. There is so much personality and character in these tracks, you wonder if they have anything to give. Well, rest assured – these guys keep on giving.

Some of the tracks such as Movin’ On and Carry Me On have been out on UKF Drum & Bass and played out in numerous festivals and gigs over the summer as they are the perfect compliment to the sunshine. There is also a somewhat odd, but cool pull for older listeners who historically might not like DNB.

We think because each track in its own right are songs and not just ‘bangers’ which means more people can listen and enjoy it. We’re struggling to find a favourite off the album at the moment. Good To Me and Waiting Right Here are two contenders. What’s your favourite?

Orange Lane by Brookes Brothers is OUT NOW on Viper Recordings

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