With the release of their latest single, ‘Demons’, on Liquicity, we sat down with Dutch duo T & Sugah to talk all things drum & bass

We’d consider you guys as one of the biggest DnB artists from the Netherlands, what could you tell us about the scene over there?

Well currently DnB is gaining ground fast in Holland. Where it was quite down low a couple of years ago, it is rapidly increasing in popularity nowadays. Even many of my neighbours are playing out DnB lately, whereas that used to be EDM a while ago!

Looking at dnb events in Holland, Liquicity clearly jumps out with the Summer & Winter festivals! Those production are of a scale that was previously unthinkable for the Dutch DnB scene.

With T & Sugah we also try to contribute to the Dutch scene. Last year we started our own record label “High Tea Music”, with which we also host events in Amsterdam & Haarlem. Last two club nights were both sold out to the max, so we’re really exited for the next one: 02.09 @ Patronaat Haarlem!

Liquicity has one of the most die-hard fan bases of all the Drum & Bass labels out there, what do you think it is about the label that inspires such love from fans?

Without a doubt: the family feeling. Part of this vibe is due to the strong youtube community at the foundation of Liquicity. The combination of dnb lovers, hard core ravers, gamers and all kinds of different people that come together through their shared love for liquid dnb is unique!

You guys had the incredible honour of playing a set in front of thousands upon thousands of ravers at Rampage festival this year! How do you go about planning a set for such a large crowd and how do you deal with the nerves when you’re up there?

Planning wise, the most important thing is selecting the right tracks to play out! Since you have a small timeframe in which you really have to outdo yourself.

Apart from that: working for ages on finding the right combo’s between these tracks 😉

When playing at such a big event you’d expect to be nervous yeah. However we gradually grew into playing larger and larger gigs, this way you gain control over that nervous feeling. At Rampage we didn’t feel nervous at all, which is good because you can really enjoy the moment than!

While we can feel a distinct T & Sugah sound when listening to your tracks you guys do have a bit of diversity when it comes to the style in each track, what determines the style of track you write when you start a session in the studio?

This is fairly simple, we just let the music guide us!

Does one of you prefer writing music over DJing or vice versa?

Yeah we are the typical DJ & Producer duo. Robin prefers producing and Philippe the DJ’ing, of course we also spend a lot of time together in the studio (and on stage….).

What tracks have been your favourite to play out recently?

Well first of all we really enjoy playing out our new single for Liquicity: “Walk Her Way (ft. Amanda)” & “Demons (ft. Voicians)”

Furthermore, really enjoy the new super collab of Sub Focus & Rudimental “Trouble (ft. Chronixx & Maverick Sabre)”

“Dimension – Generator”, is another massive track that we have been rising out a lot lately.

Also we have some new bits from NCT and High Maintenance coming up on our label, these are absolute bangers! Tested both tracks at Liquicity Summer festival and they really did the trick :O

Probably our favourite track to play out is our “Foo Fighters – The Pretender” bootleg because the crowd response = 100% escalation.

Do you have any production tips for those looking to release music on a label like Liquicity?

Drums Drums Drums, Learn Learn Learn, Compare Compare Compare……

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us!

Grab the new single from T & Sugah here


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