ALMAND has proven himself a true Renaissance man with his remix of Steve James’ hit track

The song kicks off with the familiar vocals from the original, but with a slightly darker twist. The melancholic lyrics have a new depth to them, and we love how ALMAND plays with the pitches. We get some deeper pitches at the start, and then more playful, pitched up vocals that add a fun element to the track.

ALMAND has captured some of the same despondent vibes from the original track, but added a lighter, more refreshing feel to it. The lyrics still capture that intense emotional response, and yet there is a much more uplifting element present now as well. We love the duality ALMAND has created, and it definitely makes for an amazing remix!

This is such a chill song, despite the weight of the lyrics. Whether going through a break-up, or just looking for something to play as you wind down for the night ALMAND’s remix of ‘Renaissance’ is perfect.

The layering of the pitched-up vocals in the distance with the bouncy melodies add an amiable sense of whimsy. Combined with the lullaby-esque chimes at the end, there’s a really light, enticing feel to this that makes this such a refreshing remix.

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