Just over a month after Caspa released ‘Get Higher’, Standard&Push have given us an impossibly heavier remix

With Caspa’s ‘Get Higher’ dropping just over a month ago, Standard&Push were quick to pick it up and deliver their own twist to it. Giving us brutal, visceral dubstep vibes, the Circus heavyweights have completely transformed this tune into something truly spectacular – and definitely not for the faint of heart.

The tune opens on instantly foreboding notes, creating an ominous atmosphere with dark, heavy bass under a primal yet groovy melody. The way that sounds are spaced apart and play off the silence adds to the intensity, as well as that vaguely tribal vocal used in the distance. This one definitely has us on the edge of our seats from the get go!

Things quickly pick up in energy with another hard hit of dark, atavistic bass – Standard&Push are masters of annihilation, and this remix is certainly no exception. Brief vocal chops amidst gritty robot noises and sounds we can’t even begin to explain pound out our speakers, a true assault on our ears that we absolutely love.

Standard&Push have captured the animalistic energy of the original, and yet somehow given it an even darker twist. Gritty, visceral, and gut-wrenching, their take on ‘Get Higher’ is something that belongs in every heavy dubstep fan’s catalogue. Succeeding at both paying homage to Caspa’s original while still making it completely their own, this remix highlights both Standard&Push’s skills and their creativity.

Available as a free download here 

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