Stabby, aka Dean Cawley, is one of the newer signings to Never Say Die. His debut EP, ‘Ronin’ was well received by artists and fans alike and his signature style infuses modern electronic elements with gritty rock-influenced analogue elements that makes your brain cleverly flick between the two. Something we love is Dean’s ability to mix the two seamlessly together.

From the second you hit play, your ears are immediately blessed with an opening soundscape of atmospheres and drums that make you think you’ve been thrown back into the 2009 style of dubstep sound. No, we don’t mean everyone is back using massive with the incredibly overused “yoi” growls. We mean it in the sense that he produces this gritty and loud sound that translates well on any system and any environment – not an easy task.

The Bushido EP is somewhat of a musical journey, with the track names titled accordingly. It starts off with, ‘Act One’ which opens up with some amazing sounding, upbeat melodies which come together with this delayed snare that can only pique your interest. The drop opens the track up, but rather than being greeted with a wall of distorted mayhem – we have this intricate series of melodies and basses that definitely leave us curious about the rest of the EP.

What’s great about this EP is that each track stands completely on its own feet – but each track within the EP compliments each other too. It can be quite hard to stick to a theme when writing an EP, as so many ideas flow in and you get easily distracted. Not with this though. It’s like being taken on a musical dubstep journey. Great work, Stabby.

Bushido EP is OUT NOW on Never Say Die Records. 

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